Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not Going There Again

But first the news. Slept well, Spook did too, on the bed, in the bathroom, in the guest room. Up with the alarms, but not out of bed till 8:30.  No reason to be.

Watched some of the Stanford game on the CBS app on the NVidia, mostly just marking time till The Dancing Cat was open. Went there to give them a calendar, as Miss March is one of their cats. Turns out her name is Wendy. She was adopted recently. The only cat there who was truly photogenic was hiding under the sofa most of the time. Some kids came in looking for a cat to adopt, and they tried hard to lure it out, but it stayed under until they left. I did get some cute photos, but nothing calendar quality.

While there I got two phone calls. One was from the park secretary saying the check I dropped off was for the wrong amount, and she blamed a printer problem with printing out my bill from a year ago. No dear, the printer didn't do that, you did that. She said she would return the check with the right bill so I could print a new check. The other call was some scam saying that because I'd stayed there in the past, they were giving me a free vacation in Florida and the Bahamas. I've never been to the Bahamas, and the only times I have been in Florida I stayed at motels and it was decades ago.

From there it wasn't far to the massage place I'd wanted to try. It was a mess. The person assigned to me was about 5 minutes into the massage when she was called out because someone had an appointment with her. Over the course of the next 15 minutes, four different therapists checked in to see if I needed them, I said yes to each one, but they all stayed outside the door arguing negotiating. It didn't sound angry, just confused. Finally someone came in and gave me a massage, but she wasn't very good. Not going there again.

Home by way of the nearest BofA, but there was noplace to park, so I went to the one nearest my home. Home, the newly printed rent bill was in the park mail slot, so I printed a new check and shredded the old one.

More Facebooking, more football, warmed up a couple of slices of pizza, ate some grapes and when I was disgusted enough with how badly Michigan was playing I made a surgical strike shopping trip to Target. It was time to refill most of the paper products. I used to do that at Costco, but have let my membership lapse. There is nothing there anymore which is worth buying in quantity to get their no longer lower prices. They have made the choice to pay their employees well, which gives them a lower turnover rate, which means employees get paid even more with seniority. I'd be willing to bet that the $$ I pay out of my taxes to provide welfare for Walmart workers is significantly less than what I would pay Costco to keep their people off welfare.

Got what I needed at Target, including an exchange for the SodaStream cartridge.

Home after dropping off the new! improved! rent check.

One thing which is still less expensive on Amazon is the litterbox cartridge, so I ordered another set of 3 online.

Plans for tomorrow:
Busy day
Peach Bowl at 11 am, my alma mater is playing Alabama, and I expect them to get crunched, but maybe they will surprise us all. At least one of my alumni band friends is there.
Coffee w/Janice

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