Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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Rocking It

Rock and Roll NYE is on the TV in the livingroom as I pound this out in the office. So far there are two things which have fascinated me. Thing the first: I could not understand most of the lyrics from most of the rock stars, few of whom have I heard of before. Thing the second, lots of people, mostly young women, in the front rows of the audiences were singing along. How did they learn the words?

It was a quiet day. Up at 9, hunting on ESPN for the Peach Bowl at 11, only to find they got the time wrong, it started at noon. Was pleased they showed the UW marching band pregame show, but pissed that they did it with inane talking head football commentators in the foreground. They did the same thing to Bama's band. The shows looked great, I wish I could have heard the music.

They did do justice to the national anthem, which was done with the combined bands, and a tastefully small color guard instead of the obnoxious 100-yard-long flag. They played a very simple arrangement, which was a shame with all that talented brass. I miss the one my high school band director was famous for - before the breakdown which forced him to flee to life as an obscure Seattle high school band director he was the premier band music arranger for Fillmore Music Co., and his Star Spangled Banner at one time was the most played in the country. Beautiful trumpet fanfare at the rockets red glare, and a thrilling to play lower brass counterpoint leading to the finale. I miss that so much.

Huskies scored first with a spectacular long pass, but were never heard from again. A very disappointing 24-7 loss. At halftime I went for a manicure, got home in time to see 17-7 and a series of sacks, and gave up watching. UW this year has always fallen off in the 4th quarter so I knew they were doomed.

Met Janice at 5, just in time for Starbucks to announce they were closing at 5:30. WTF? So we went to her place and chatted till it was time for her to go to dinner with some other friends.

Lucky's, because I wanted fresh turkey franks and some snacks.

Home, baked some Pepperidge Farms apple turnovers, TGIFridays' potato skins and a Marie C apple pot pie. I'd taken out a roll of bread dough to defrost earlier, kneaded that and made as many pigs in blankets as I could from one package of franks and one roll of dough. Had some of everything, and egg nog, and now have enough stuff for lunch a couple of days next week.

Ducked into the livingroom to see Mariah Carey melt down. I suspect she was high because despite lots of help from her backup dancers she didn't manage to pick up the two songs from the background tape. The audience, however, knew the words. It was funny, because the recording included her high notes.

OK, 5 minutes to go till ball drop, be back soon...
..and back

Happy new year.

Delivered today was my 2018 automobile tags, and a pair of syringe holders for when I run out of insulin pens and go to the cheaper vials/syringes.

Ordered more litterbox cartridges, and a book for my little sister. Also on order is another motion sensor. The one in the office has worked well, programmed to turn the office lamp on when I trigger it, and turn it off 5 minutes after I leave. The second one is for the bedroom, because the Google box doesn't always hear me when I'm in there.

Plans for tomorrow:
Ardenwood Farm, give them a calendar and take some more photos.
Take out the garbage
Unload the dishwasher

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