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Opened this to write an entry, but got distracted by email from a cousin about genealogy. I answered some of his questions, some of them from his mother who may be the last living relative on my father's side of his generation.

Sleep was the usual 2 wakeups before alarm time, but I shut off the alarms and the next thing I knew it was 10:30.

I was planning on watching the Rose Bowl, but they broke tradition and it is tomorrow. 49ers were playing the Seahawks, but oddly I was not interested in seeing that.

Went to Ardenwood to drop off a calendar and see the monarchs again. Huge crowds, and this time it was warm enough for the butterflies to be active. I'll put photos on Flickr tomorrow, but for now, two nice ones, a monarch and a moth which pretends to be one.

For the first time ever I stayed for the 3 pm animal feedings, which was fun because of all the children getting their hands licked by goats and sheep. Not so good for photographs, because the children got in the way.

Also for the first time in all the years I have been coming, the farmhouse café was open. Sort of. They had snacks and goodies and hot drinks and misc. things for sale. Turns out after 11 years of being shuttered, someone finally bought the concession, and in a few weeks the café will be restored as an indoor eatery, with a liquor license. They also bought the wedding contract, ending a year of no weddings in the mansion.

Home, decided to stay in and enjoy my new cable-free media setup. Watched Sunday Night Football on Tivo delay but from the antenna instead of Comcast.

Dinner was a Boston Market Chicken Parmesan dinner, and I have to admit the slab of chicken is higher quality than any of the other brands I've tried. But it's still a slab of white meat, and I prefer dark.

Dessert was a Marie C hot apple pie a la mode. Yummy.

Took out the garbage, brought in the monthly park magazine.

Had a couple of small kitchen disasters. First one is I filled a SodaStream bottle with water and added cola syrup, but forgot to charge the water with CO2 first, so I had to toss the contents. Trying to charge a bottle with syrup already in it is similar to adding Mentos to a bottle of Diet Coke. Second one is I poured seltzer into one of my standard heavy duty Libby tumblers, and it went all over the counter because there was a dime-size hole in the bottom of the tumbler. No clue how it got there, unless dishwasher heated drying mode did it in. There was no corresponding piece of glass that I could see.

After the game, I found the new version of To Tell The Truth, and also saw an ad for the new Match Game. I'll have to set up Tivo to record those.

Put the 2018 tag on my car, 3 months early.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch the Rose Parade/Rose Bowl (?)
See a movie (?)
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