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Buddy (not his real name) is getting married. The directions are familiar - it's to a place I was at recently, but I can't place it exactly. I know that I have to drive around the huge building, to a street which begins with the letter Q, or maybe it begins with a C and has a Q in it, and then turn left and park in the underground garage. I find the garage with no difficulty, I recognized the street name immediately when I saw the very large green street sign. It's morning, maybe 10 o'clock, a bright sunshiny day.

After parking, I am in the corridor, where I see Buddy, his mother (looking young and healthy, but in a wheelchair), and I walk with them (and there are other people in the party but I don't resolve their faces) and I take up my station pushing the wheelchair as if this is usual. 

The dream cuts to maybe an hour later, it's given that his mother and the rest of the group have been left in the hall where the wedding will be. Buddy and I are in another room by ourselves, and he starts getting hyper and all confused about getting married, and he says "let's go for a walk" and we are outdoors, it is night time,  and Buddy says he's not going through with it, let's go have a drink. I suggest we ought to go back and tell the others that the wedding is off, but Buddy says they'll figure it out for themselves.

That's where I wake up. It's about 5:30 am, and I go back to sleep.

Same dream, but this time it starts where Buddy is being all dazed and confused. Same outcome, but this time we get to the Irish pub and the dream ends as we are ordering beer.

Very very strange, because in real life Buddy has been married 3 times, was supremely confident each time that this is True Love and the right thing to do. His mother has never, to the best of my knowledge, needed a wheel chair, and I don't think I have ever seen her in one. Not too strange for him and his mother to be in a dream last night, because just before bed time I was editing some photos of his mother for him.

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