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Very Wet Day

When I first moved to the SF Bay Area, it was this time of year in 1981, and we had what I was told was the usual winter pattern - some scattered showers in November, increasing through December and by now in January the ground was soaked and houses were sliding down hills in Hayward, Marin and parts of the Santa Cruz mountains. Today we got back to that pattern. It rained hard most of the day, with lots of wind.

So I went grocery shopping.

Safeway first, big parking lot shared with some smaller businesses (Great Clips, Credit Union,etc.), a Petco, Pep Boys & Toys 'r' Us. I was prepared - Seahawks stadium jacket and a waterproof wool Greek sailor's cap. I just walked to the store like it was a normal Seattle day. It wasn't, though, it rarely rains this hard up there. But you could tell the natives - they were trying to run with umbrellas. In 30 mph winds. You could also tell the true northerners - walking briskly in light sweaters or long sleeved shirts, no headgear. It wasn't cold - almost 60 - just wet.

Got what I came for, small frozen meals for lunches, bananas and limes. Also got a half gallon of Lactaid milk because it was on sale for less than the generic.

Next stop, Trader Joe's because I really like the Korean BBQ beef that nobody else sells. Scored two packages of those, a spanikopita pie and some pita pockets.

Home, discovered I already had 3 half gallons of milk in the fridge and two packages of pita pockets in the freezer.

Put everything away, watched some football, played on FB, made something for lunch, watched more football, then drove to MV to chat with Janice in her home because she was not going to leave the house to drive anywhere in this weather.

Home, I had left one KBBQ package out to defrost, pulled out my biggest pan and fried them up, and microwaved some quinoa. That was a very yummy dinner. Watched the new Match Game on Tivo. Alex Baldwin is the host, and much as I don't like him I think he did a pretty good job. It's a PG rated show, pre-recorded in front of a live audience, and while the mic Alex holds looks somewhat like the original kevin_standlee scored for his Match Game SF show, it doesn't telescope and all the panelists and guests have lapel mikes...

It was a very funny show, lots of ad libs, and the format is pretty close to the original. My only real gripe is most of the questions were too long. The set is, of course, more modern, but they still use paper cards for the panelists to fill in their answers, and the guests give their answers verbally. I was expecting something electronic.

Plans for tomorrow:
Lunchtime - Kaiser, return the progressive glasses. As about driving glasses instead.
Movie? $8 seniors Monday.


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Jan. 13th, 2017 10:44 pm (UTC)
We enjoy Match Game. The fluffy fun adds some good variety to our mix of shows.
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