Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I Miss Being Bored

Another day, another walk from the hole to the nicer office. This time because the BIOS on my server needed to be updated before I was ready to move it off-campus. It's done over the network, and corpnet is faster and more reliable than off-corp wifi.  It took a while for the tech to show up, but he knew what he was doing, and it got done eventually. I could have done it myself, but they keep the bits locked away.

Back to the hole with my laptop, where I was able to get the automation widget running.

Kaiser at lunchtime, returned the progressive lenses. This time the tech was not the over-selling Russian woman, but an American who had similar issues with progressives, and understood the photographer side of the equation. I got back all of the overage I paid for the premium glasses, and was able to order a pair of single-prescription glasses for every day use (mostly will be for night driving) for free with what was refunded to my plan.

So I have the $39glasses.com 2 pair of computer glasses for online (1 home, 1 at work) and a lot of el cheapo readers scattered around the house. Went back to $39 and ordered polarized sunglasses with the single prescription for daytime driving. Little known fact, those fancy self-tinting glasses don't darken in the car because the glass' UV tint blocks the rays those glasses use to darken themselves. Anywho, the $39 store price is about 1/3 of the Kaiser price.

Got email from the remote control switch support person, telling me to do all the things I had already done. I replied that thanks to their excellent troubleshooting guide included with the product, I'd done all that a couple of times. She replied with an RMA#.

Found some car chargers behind the company store, and plugged in for half an hour while I looked around. Had a nice chat with one of the staff about the Google Home device, and was disappointed that while they had several wireless speakers for sale, none of them work with that. I'm tempted to buy android T-shirts for my nephew & his wife & kids, but (a) I don't have their sizes [easy to fix] and (b) they cost $20 each.

Stopped off at Togo's on the way home and waited way too long for a pastrami sandwich because the one and only employee had not kept the meat warm.

Home, watched and listened to the 2nd half of the Bama-Clemson game, and just when it looked like the Tigers had an upset, they gave it away. Boo. Hiss. Edit add: I turned it off too soon. Clemson marched down the field with about 2 minutes to play, and scored the winning TD in the final 8 seconds. Yay! Rah!

And in Spook news, she continues to have a fascination with the bathroom mats.

Plans for tomorrow:

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