Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Should Have Seen A Movie

Slept poorly last night. Woke up several times needing a drink of water, and trying to get comfortable. Will try again tonight with 10+ on the sleep number. Spook hogged much of the foot of the bed, and I had to kick her twice for biting my toes.

Woke up at 7, alarms at 7:30 were doused quickly. WTF is Charlie Rose doing being the token male on a morning show? He is trying so hard to not be a serious journalist - it's disgusting.

Traffic was bad, partly because I was 15 minutes later than usual, but mostly because of the rain and everyone is back from vacations. Even the commuter lane was backed up, so I got off the freeway at Ellis, the south entrance to Moffett field, and took surface roads to work. I worked in the hole all day, maybe tomorrow I'll bring the car to the garage to get my linux server and monitor. Have to ask Boss about that.

I started to get the hang of the automation suite, but was still getting errors while following (I thought) the directions. Engineer came by after lunch and gave me the clues I needed, and I spent the rest of the day making a TV do weird things over a USB connection. The first clue is the TV he had given me to test was not the one I needed for automation. We hooked up one that fit. Another clue is the version of s/w Boss told me to use was not the one which matched the TV, so I nuked that and got the right one.

Lunch was a total screw up. I brought a frozen meal to eat next door in the break room, but next door was hosting two boatloads of visitors, catered lunch, and they totally filled the break room. No way to nuke my meal or sit down to eat it.

I went back after 2, had some snacks, wasn't feeling hungry enough for a late lunch. I hung around outside in the rain for a while, just to get out of the hole.

Looked up movies, the only one playing nearby at the right time was that one about the black women NASA number crunchers. I don't want to waste $ seeing that on a big screen, there's nothing which will be lost on a TV set.

Traffic was horrible, and I had three or four opportunities to duck into the movie parking lot and have something to eat while waiting for a too-late showtime, but instead I stayed in traffic. Maybe tomorrow. Or I may stay late charging the car in the main office garage and hanging out by the cafeteria.

Home, asinine note in the park mail slot telling me to remove the hummingbird feeders. Fuck that. They've been there for 3 years. They're not allowed to pull new rules out their asses.

Caught up on FB. Also had a nice long letter from my folkdance friend in the frozen tundra of London, Ontario. Answered it, including some gossip from 1974. One of the more unusual items on FB is the wife of one of my UK cousins was elected deputy mayor of her town. I have my doubts about her. She's a typical case of a person over-achieving after a severe psychological episode. You know the drill, it's the people with the worst issues who go for a degree in psych and become counselors. OTOH, her episode was due to a massive pile of crap hitting her personal fan, which resulted in the loss of a well-earned reputation and her chosen vocation. Before the episode she was only sightly eccentric, sometimes in helpful, always in harmless ways.

Updated yesterday's journal to show that I'd turned off the championship game too soon, and the right team came back to win in the last seconds. Tonight I watched that play, and it was a brilliant job of running.

Birds against the birds on Saturday - Seahawks/Falcons. In Atlanta. There are a lot of Seattle transplants there, and probably a lot of folks who went there for the Peach Bowl and stayed for this game. I think the home team will win, but I would rather it turned out the other way.

Meanwhile around here, all the talk is about who might be duped into coaching and managing the 49ers. The Raiders' season is also over, but they had a very good year, and the only rumor I am hearing makes no sense - the offense coach's contract is up, so of course the pundits are thinking it may not be renewed. Could happen, but makes no sense to me.

Dinner was a Thai coconut chicken mini meal. I'm not very hungry today.

And I'm a little depressed because where I'm working is dead quiet, and one of the perks of being at Google is supposed to be the masses of young persons.

Boxed up the FAILed remote control switches and will mail them Real Soon Now from one of those open late PO outlets.

Plans for tomorrow:
Movies? Starbucks? Actually, it's easier to get to Starbucks from the movies.

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