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I spent too much but kinda had to

I have a tradition where I used to buy my middle sister, her husband and their son matching T-shirts, usually when I went somewhere and there were good souvenirs. Vancouver Canucks was the first, I think. A few years ago it was Thailand's world cup soccer team. Today it was android. Except now it's nephew & his wife & two kids. I was able to get the kids matching androids on skateboards. The parents get a kind of space age design.

Traffic to work was bad getting onto and off the freeway, but okay the rest of the way. I decided to get A-R and run each test in alphabetical order. Some of them only take a minute, a very few take more than an hour. As I fire one up, it tells me how long it should take.

I waited till after 1pm for lunch. The break room was very busy with groups having meetings, but I was able to microwave the small pot roast dinner, grab a diet Coke, and read from my tablet's Kindle app. Semi-hard Science fiction. Decent writing, lots of WTFs in the personal interactions, some exciting ideas for advanced technology.

Not much eye candy in the room - the ratio of men to women today was about 30:3.

At my afternoon break time, I started off a 3-hour test, walked down the block to the company store, and I found the T-shirts for the kids right away, but got confused because the one which was labeled as 4-year-old size looked smaller than the same one with the 18-month-old label. Call to my sister helped some. I finally found a staffer who showed me that the difference is the smaller one was on a hanger and looked bigger than the bigger one which was folded. Unfold them, and see the difference.

So those are all in a flat rate envelope with a shipping label I can drop off. I also need to mail the switches. This may have to wait till Saturday.

Kind of weird, today there was no contact with boss or Engineer.

It was a rough beginning to the night last night. Low Hgl at 2 am, needed two Klondikes to fix. Major optical migraine mad it hard to see. Spook was spooked, she kept meowing at me. Prior to the episode she was fat & happy at the foot of the bed. The rest of the night she spent in the bathroom, staring at me from the shower mat.

Dinner was the last of the Safeway fried chicken and a batch of creamed spinach with mint iced tea. Watched the latest Elementary, which was somewhat formulaic for them - they have this habit of the perp being someone they interviewed earlier who was not even a suspect. But should have been.

Also trolled around SlingTV and found a very FF-worthy movie classic, Attack of the 50-foot Cheerleader. It actually had its moments. The woman playing the title role is quite beautiful, and in superb shape.

Plans for tomorrow


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