Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Throw It Back Thursday

Good sleep. Spook did her thing at 6:30 am, climbed on top of my ankles and curled up there. So I rolled over.

Work was more of same, I finished all the test modules, reported a couple of the anomalies to Engineer. Lunch room was mostly individuals today, at least three tour groups came through. You would think they have never seen a break room before. Lunch was a bit of a challenge, 7 minutes to heat, but the microwave only went up to 3 1/2. Had to nuke it twice. There's a "double" button, and a program button, but they didn't work.

Read from the Kindle app. Back at my desk, tried some tests which had not gone smoothly. At about 3:30 I started running the all-the-things suite, went to the break room and read for an hour, came back and it had crashed.

Drove to the main building garage & plugged in the car at a little after 5. Upstairs, played on the linux server for a while, then downstairs at 6:30 to see what the cafeteria dinner looked like, but they had not opened yet. My car was fully charged so I went to the garage and drove home. Took a slightly different surface route, easier Intersection from Hell, but longer than the next best one, which was being hogged by a superbus.

Home, in the mailbox was a pack of breathe-right strips and three credit card offers and an Xfinity deal. I jammed the shredder on one of those.

Dinner was a Boston Market beef stroganoff, though they don't use that name. It tastes better with some string cheese melted in.

Watched another episode of The Match Game, all different celebrities this time. Less funny than the last, more X-rated. And the celebrities made no secret that they were collaborating.

Also watched the first 2 contestants on To Tell the Truth. They were pretty obvious.

Message from WA State sister asking when we can get together when I'm at Conflikt. Can't say because only 2 weeks away and they still don't have a schedule.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work - try to recreate the crash and collect all the data for Engineer.
Ask Boss if MLK day is a work day. I sure hope it is because TOO MANY DAYS OF NO PAY


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