Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Up a little late because I can -

Big time. Found out today that Monday is not a work day. Too many days without pay. Worst part about being a contractor.

Slept well, Spook did her 1 hour early thing again, with vocals.

Traffic was a mess, so I took the back roads. Way too many stop lights. Long ones. That plus I got a late start.

Work was the kind of tedious testing I knew it would be, had to run a long test several times - lunch was at 1:30 - to determine if it was the test itself or the program which connects the test machine to the device which was breaking. After I sent the results, Boss found a similar issue from a partner, and it seems there may be a patch to fix it. I'll find out Tuesday. Lunch was a small tuna and noodles thing from Lean Cuisine, I think, and it made a little bit of a mess in the microwave. Not a lot, one paper towel was all it took.

Half my parking lot was roped off for them, and in the break room there was a sign reserving it for a lunchtime visit from Gunn HS students, but when I went to the break room for my late lunch there was no sign of them having been there, ditto the parking lot.

Stayed a little late to set up a second test that was breaking the test suite. I'll see Tuesday how far it got. I'm guessing not very. Which means more documentation to Boss and Engineer.

Home by the usual back roads.

In the mailbox was my 2017 fishing license.

Watched the rest of To Tell The Truth that I started last night. They fooled me twice. Also watched last week's Shark Tank and I am still amazed at how conservative the investors are - they won't take a chance on a Good Idea™ unless the sales numbers are already high.

Plans for tomorrow:
Post office - two packages to mail
Water all the indoor plants and the ones on the porch
Refill the hummingbird feeders
Watch the Seahawks game until I lose all hope
Dinner with my friend Carolyn, director of Friends of Thailand. I want compare notes on the new king, and the prospects for a return to something vaguely resembling democracy.

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