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Fake News

FB today was very frustrating. So many of my college-educated, computer literate friends are re-posting crap. Crap which is so easy to look up on the many web crap-o-meters. The most frustrating one today was from paranoid friends who are so wounded that Ms. PantsSuit lost the election that they want to make the inauguration TV ratings show his lack of popularity. Some are saying to turn the TV on, and tune to a different station. Some are saying to keep the TV off but record it on your DVR.

The only rating system which anyone in the business pays attention to is Nielsen, and it only tracks a handful of families. If you are not a Neilsen Family™ your TV habits don't matter.

Yes, there are polls which attempt to find out how many eyes were on a particular program, but they are as accurate as the political polls, which is not very.
Your TV set is a one-way device.
 -- If you watch broadcast TV using an antenna, it's totally passive, there is no signal sent back to the TV station or anywhere else. They have no way of knowing even if your TV is on.
-- If you use cable (Comcast, Time Warner, Charter, etc.) every channel is available on the cable all the time. You set the tuner on the TV or cable box to the frequency you want to watch, there is no signal going back to the cable company. Premium channels which you have not subscribed to are physically bocked by a filter on your outside cable line.
--If you watch streaming (AT&T, Roku, Amazon Fire, Android TV) each program has an IP address, and the box does keep track of your favorite shows, and may store the last two or three IP addresses. But that stays in the box, and is only kept there to make channel changes quicker. The box is on all the time, it doesn't care if your TV is on.
-- Tivo and some other DVRs do count what shows are recorded, that information is mostly just shared with the copyright owners to be used at contract negotiation time.

IMHO, if the email showing what a lying <insert your favorite expletive here> Hillary is made you change your vote, don't blame the messenger.
Boring day at work. Boss had a dental appointment, completely forgot she and Engineer were supposed to give me either a software update or a different machine to test.

Got breakfast from the break room - banana & HB egg. Lunch was a small Orange chicken frozen meal. At 1:30 there was only one other person in the break room, but as I was leaving the tech was fixing the hot drinks machine which has been down for 2 weeks.

Home, Spook has taken to curling up in the cat bed under the table in the office while I'm on the computer. She used to do that a lot before there was a table, but lost interest for about a year. When she gets bored with that, she camps out in the bathroom, which has fluffy orange mats.

Watched two episodes of To Tell The Truth. Way too much fluff time between contestants, and not enough time for questions. And the panelists don't have the CLUE that they need to ask questions of all the contestants, not just the one they think is It.

Dinner was 2/3 of a spanikopita pie from TJ's, and some creamed corn. Egg cream for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Ping the Boss.

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