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I probably should give up FB for a while

The paranoid rumors being spread by friends who should know better. Disgusting. No, there is no plan to do away with the NEA. No, the crowd at the inauguration did fill the whole mall. No, The Donald has been getting haircuts and has sported a standard hair style for months. No, nobody said anything about bears attacking students. And no, it is not stupid to put a brain surgeon in charge of health. And no, whitehouse.gov does not belong to Obama, he isn't President anymore, so his pages, like all the others before him, have been moved to his own site. This was announced weeks ago.

And whose idea was those stupid pussy hats? You're validating him. Or rather you're validating something he said in private long before he was even considering becoming a candidate.  

But enough of that. Where was I? Oh yes, journaling.

Another erratic sleep night. Spook kept me company all the way to the alarms, when she came right up close enough to scratch her face, which I did for about 5 minutes.

Got on the road 5 minutes late, took an alternate alternate route, central expressway. Massive mistake. Lots of stop lights and almost all the trip was stop and go. Got off at Middlefield as planned, and it was smooth sailing from there. Got into the garage early enough to park.

Spent the whole work day in the big office. Another new guy installed the latest firmware into a box I'd used when I first arrived, Boss figured it would be a good way to see why I'd seen that bug on the machine in the hole. Turned out to be even worse. So I switched from a laptop to a server, and the tests were still running hours later when I left.

Lunchtime I drove downtown to Kaiser and picked up my single lens non-tinted glare-resistant glasses. It was dark and pouring heavily, so they got a good test as night time driving glasses. They worked fine for that. But I tried wearing them at work and found I needed readers instead. So they will stay in the car with the tinted ones and I'll use the computer glasses from $39glasses for readers. Except I left them on my desk in the hole.

Back from Kaiser, I gave the valet my car, and they managed to get it on the charger enough for me to get to Target and home on battery.

Target, got most of what I went for. Kitty meat sticks were on sale 2 5-packs for $3. I got 2 salmon and 2 chicken. Also got sponges to replace old ones in the kitchen and bathroom, and it took way too long to find the SodaStream syrups, I was low on diet cola. They didn't have any dinner sized frozen meals, but I did get some round generic chocolate chip mint ice cream sandwiches. And Imperial margarine was at a good price. I'm not fooled by the smaller package.

Home, watched the whole inauguration ceremony from about half an hour prior to the oaths, through all the speeches, though I had to mute a lot. I thought Trump's speech was okay, not particularly well-written, and he didn't have the hang of knowing where the applause lines were and how you have to give half a million people more time to react than you do a town hall meeting. But at least he doesn't sound like he has a stick up his butt like Obama does. There were no laugh lines, which was a shame, but it wasn't that kind of a speech. His basic message is he is giving America back to The People™.  He made a point of saying all races are equal. He vowed to end Radical Islamic Terrorism, which I remember Obama doing but how did that work out, Barak Hussein?

It was not an isolationist speech a la George Washington, it was more about not spending money building up other countries' military & commerce and instead we can spend that money at home on infrastructure and jobs. He didn't mention The Wall®, but he did have a forceful line in there about protecting our borders.

After watching, I deleted the recordings. I may try to see Jackie in concert. She plays the Campbell Heritage Theater next month. I guess not - they are sold out. I've played on that stage, it's a lovely place for the audience, better for concerts than stage shows.

I watched the proceedings recorded on two networks. One of them was clearly anti-Trump, and read things into the event which they were pulling out of their butts. The other made the occasional rude remark, but were kind enough to shut up and let us hear the official announcer and the glorious music from the Marine Band. Okay, 99% glorious, 1% glockenspiel with an out of  alignment key. They only played 4 ruffles and flourishes for Obama and Trump, I thought the prez gets 5. I'll have to look that up later. When I was a bugler, I knew that stuff.

I thought Rodgers muffed the oath of office. He left out "against all enemies, both foreign and domestic", while that dullard unregistered sex offender Thomas read Pence the correct, complete version. But upon further research, turns out Rodgers was right, and Thomas gave Pence the oath used for naturalizing citizens.

Comment-haters on both networks railed about how Trump insulted everyone on the stage in his speech. Well no, not everyone - he said some nice things about the military, police and God. But the whole point of his campaign was to be a slap in the face of established DC politics and the media which supports them, so BFD.

The choir from Missouri was pretty good. In some ways better than the one from SLC, which was way too mega-church for me, and there are only so many verses (2) of America The Beautiful one can take in one sitting. 16-year-old Jackie Evancho sang the SSB, She has a beautiful voice, sang it straight except for the 2 octaves higher "free". Having the very conservative US Marine Corps Band accompanying her helped some and hurt some. Lower brass played my favorite arrangement, but not the trumpets. That would have messed up the vocal line. Come to think of it, the trumpet version does the 2 octaves higher "free" and I heard it from the band, but the 1st chair 1st trumpet (soloist on that note) held back a bit.

Plans for tomorrow:
Water all the indoor plants. I may take the tropical plants inside. Two Thai lime trees and a dwarf orange. It'll be raining most of the day.
Change jeans. Last of the 3 new pair I bought last month. Been wearing them for 2 weeks at a time, and they have stretched about an inch in the waist.
Maybe stay home and watch some more Sherlock. I also want to find the Doctor Who Xmas special.


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