Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

This is the winter of their discontent

So many women in stupid knitted pussy hats, because mob mentality has no IQ.

OTOH, very pleased to see suffragettes and Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence on hand, but WTF was the (British) cast of Doctor Who doing in San Jose? Not their zoo, not their monkeys. After Brexit and UKIP, they have forfeited their right.

On the one hand, I am thrilled to see such excellent turn-outs - on the other hand, it is all based on rumor, innuendo, paranoia and unwarranted fear.
I'm so happy to see a real professional model who knows how to dress, replace a first lady who loved to wear expensive designer fashions which didn't really fit her. Beats pant suits, though.
Call me old fashioned, but I prefer to save my protesting for when the guy actually does something. None of his appointments have been confirmed, he hasn't done anything official yet. Any crap you hear happening you can blame on Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, neither of whom are big fans of Mister T.
As for calls to impeach Trump, don't be stupid. You would have to impeach Pence first, and then you would get the next in line, Ryan. Lose-lose. And that's the only way I can see Ryan allowing articles of impeachment to make it out of committee, is if it puts him in the White House. Speaking of which, contrary to the vicious rumors, the Trumps did spend the night in the White House.
In other news, I did two loads of laundry.

The big project of the morning was bringing plants indoors. The bigger of the two Thai lime trees is on a round glass disc from a discarded microwave, which in turn is on a phone stand by the door frame in the piano room, a few feet from the air duct and porch windows. The second one is on a plastic water catcher behind the porch door, under the front Bay windows.

The tough one was the dwarf orange, which is in a very heavy clay pot, which sat on a heavy clay water catcher. After some shifting and second thoughts, the pair is on a couple of plastic place mats** in the livingroom between the carnivorous plant rack and the cat's toy collection, in front of the big windows.

**One has a full-color map of Africa, the other South America. 

Spook found all these changes to her house very disconcerting, and meowed her confusion early and often.

Watered all the indoor plants. Also moved a dying NZ sundew from a dark corner rack above the tub to a better lighted place on the rim of the tub.

Tuned in rather late to the Shrine game (East-West) and some other senior bowl type game (American-National). Did not see anyone worth scouting. Actually fell asleep during the latter.

Tivo, watched the latest Match Game. Enjoyable, but with all the cast wearing lavalieres, the host's long mic is just a prop. They are definitely aiming this at the adult crowd.

Also on Tivo was the latest Timeless, which was something of a history lesson. Leading lady looks great in 1880's outfits.

Mail arrived early, there were meds and test strips from Kaiser, and a card & letter from one of my oldest photographer friends. He is in bad shape, his photo business in LA did not pan out, and now he's looking to move back to the PNW, where at least he thinks he has loyal customers. He is one of the best, but made the transition from film to digital way too late, and still would rather shoot B&W. And like me, he doesn't know how to market himself or run a business. Unlike me, he hates working for a company.

Which means he probably doesn't have Social Security of any significance. He's a year older than me.

Also delivered was a new grow light, this one is the twisty kind, 60W replacement, full spectrum. It's very bright. I used it to replace a multicolor LED flood which the plants have ignored.

Lunch today was the PNB sandwich I made Thursday, and the rest of the spanikopita. Dinner was the rest of the stuffing & BBQ pork & creamed corn.

I had one of those Eureka! moments. Turns out in finishing the egg nog from the holidays, I discovered what gave me the runs when I switched to the time release Metformin. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:
Haircut (?)
Watch some football
Maybe shop for frozen dinners. This time for dinner, I have plenty for lunch.

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