Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Pretty Boring, followed by shopping

Left the PC on all day to download all my music files to a new player for the car. Of course when I got home it had stalled at 75%. I needed to tell it to skip an empty folder to continue.

Left 15 minutes late for work, got there on time. Took the back roads half way then the freeway.

Found something to do at work, some tests to re-run which I missed yesterday. Need to ping boss tomorrow about a new project.

There were people in the building I had never seen before. An especially attractive young woman seems to have moved into the far corner of the building. Or maybe it was just a visit.

Lunch was Thai coconut chicken from Safeway.

After work I headed for the Baily Safeway, just past where I usually turn off Shoreline to go home. Lots of lunches obtained. Then on to 99 Ranch Market on a whim. In the Alaska Airlines magazine a writer mentioned that THE Chinese New Year drink is called Baijiu and the favorite brand is Moutai. They had Bei Nian Niu Lan Shan Bai Jiu and Moutai Prince Chiew, so I bought one of each. I don't know why. I don't drink. But I'm curious. Also got some longans, ngaw and chicken hearts. And Cha siu bow.

Home, in the mail was yet another unwanted pile of paper from Kaiser. I need to re-enroll in paperless...again...I guess.

In the park slot was the once every 2 years form stating someone over 55 lives here. I filled that out, and also the one from last week updating my info.

Dinner was Marie C chicken fried beef, diet cola & ice cream. Watched another episode of Sherlock on Netflix. Once again 30 minutes of plot jam packed into 90 minutes. Moffat is a regular writer and one of the creators, so why are there so few fart jokes?

Plans for tomorrow:
CHM at 1, chat with my contract handler.
Probably straight home after work.

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