Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Boring Boring Boring

Another wakeful night. Did manage to pry myself out of bed and get on the road a little bit early. Automaton Guy called while we were stuck in traffic.

The TV I was testing overnight had lost its connection to the network and closed the app I was testing. Very flaky unit, took me an hour to get it to run the app again. Finally pushed that one aside and fired up the app on a more stable TV.

Engineer nextdoor said he would upgrade the machine I need to test next, but he didn't. I'll have to remind him tomorrow.

Interesting eye candy day. Each time during my breakfast run, lunch and break this tall slender young woman came in, grabbed some food & drink and left. Very nice figure.

PM. It started raining as I got to the car, and my tummy said no, don't drive home without a trip to the loo first. Smart tummy. The restroom in the building with the break room is far far bigger and cleaner than the one in the hole, so I went there.

Back roads home, very slow. Kept getting stuck behind slow idiots. And caught every red light for the first 3 miles. On the 45mph road which usually is faster than the freeway it parallels, cretin ahead of me was doing 25. No traffic ahead of him/her/it for miles. One lane double yellow line.

Home, nothing delivered of any importance. Vanguard email said to check my latest statement, but logging in it said my IRS stuff won't be ready for a month. Same thing with Scottrade. Still waiting for my Arris W2. Mostly need that to find out how much I owe.

Cards from contract company said I had to log in to the benefits site whether I was accepting or declining coverage. Medicare + Kaiser is about the same $$ for more benefits. It would not let me decline, it just said don't enroll. 20 minutes of my life I won't get back.

I lied - in the mail was my auto insurance coverage form. The one to keep in the car.

An old friend emailed me asking how to send a doc/pdf to a private group via Facebook. I didn't know it could be done, but yes, it can, and it's pretty easy though not at all intuitive. The group doesn't even have to be FB users, let alone friends.

Lunch was turkey tetrazini. Dinner was butterfly shrimp and creamed corn.

Watched about 2.5 episodes of Shanarrah Chronicles on Netflix.  The acting is so mediocre, I think I'm only watching for the gratuitous nudity.

At 7 pm I tried to view a live webinar from Vanguard on IRAs, only to discover they lied -- it was at 7 pm Eastern.

The Superbowl will be on Fox, which is covered by SlingTV's cheap "blue" lineup. I have blue + orange, because the ESPN channels are on orange. Next week I'll change to blue only. That should save me about $20/mo.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe find a TGIF party

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