Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Day Of Nonresolution

Woke up for no reason 2 or 3 times last night. Spook waited till 7 to climb on my leg and head-butted for petting for about 10 minutes. At bed time she was fascinated with the shower - she heard the gurgling of the water from the sink going out the drain.

Left on time, plugged in the new MP3 player and the car's audio unit couldn't see any music on it, and disconnected after a few seconds. That after an 8-hour data transfer.

Not so bad because my favorite radio stations were airing interviews with local sports greats, and talking about the new 49ers GM, who has zero experience as a manager, but hey, he graduated from Stanford, was an NFL safety,  and has a superbowl ring. Apparently he has spent most of his time since 2008 in the broadcast booth as a color commentator.  That last probably qualifies him better than most for picking talent.

Traffic was slow all the way to work except for the last two blocks. Usually that's blocked by those huge buses, but not today.

Had the building to myself. One of my managers ducked in with his family en route home from the airport, he has been on vacation, but none of the other people showed up. Which meant the unit I needed to work on did not get updated, so it just sat there and I had to find make-work. I did get to look through a webcam at snow in the Sierras, that was nice.

Lunch was Swedish meatballs. Longans for dessert. There were a couple of small groups in the break room, average lookers.

Online, found an inexpensive tiny MP3 player from Sandisk at BestBuy, so after work I headed over there. I had to ask where they hid them because there wasn't even a section, just three or four models on hangers on the wall. But they had the one I wanted.

Plugged it in, and it played a Car Talk podcast. It was preloaded with horrible music, some Car Talk episodes and a few NDGT science podcasts. Nothing I wanted to listen to on the way home.

Home, nothing delivered except an invitation to a retirement planning lunch, all of them on week days. Shredder.

No paycheck today, Boss didn't approve my time card. Hopefully submitting today's will jog her memory. She was MIA a lot this week.

Chicken soup for dinner, watched part of a NatGeo thing on eco tourism in Costa Rica till they started showing the same snippets over and over to an increasingly boring monolog. Note to producer: a 280-lb 60-year-old man traveling 3 mph on a zip line is not very thrilling.

Plugged the new MP3 player into the PC, nuked the contents but kept the folders. Am now copying all my music to the SD card. It needed to be formatted 3 times before the PC would accept it. That'll take all night. Again.

And then it dawned on me that my car doesn't need an MP3 player attached to it, just a USB drive with the music arranged in folders. So I fired up Amazon and bought a 128GB and a 64GB and used some of my Chase cash-back money to cover that. Now we'll see how well the next day delivery works.

Tivo invited me to be a pre-development beta tester, but I don't think I can do that considering where I'm working.

Plans for tomorrow:
Girl Scout Cookies
Drop off the forms at the park office
Meet Janice for coffee
Answer Michi's email
Copy my song lyrics to my phone so I'll be ready for Consonance

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