Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another thrilling day

Went to bed way early, which means I woke up early, got on the road early and at work on time. Automation Guy phoned during the commute, so I chatted with him in until time to be in the office. Not that anyone cares.

There was nothing new to do, Engineer said the upgrade I was expecting last week is not done yet. So I exercised Youtube and Google Movies.

Lunch in the break room was very quiet except for a brief flurry of young visitors. High school class, I think. And a small group of employees whom I have seen before, one a very young looking woman with a brilliant smile.

Afternoon break time I walked to the company store, looking for an android logo jacket, but they have none. 1/3 of the way back I found a GBike on the lawn, so I rode it to the hole. Rear tire was a bit soft. Very weird riding a 1-speed. Left it in front of the hole and waked back across the street to the break room - I was out of diet Coke.

It was going to start raining in earnest, so I left on time and went straight home. Very slow going, stuck behind a corporate bus on what should have been the 45mph stretch.

Home, considered my options and took a nap. Which turned into reading in bed.

Dinner was pretzel dogs reheated, chips & dip, this time adding chopped clams and bacon bits to the dip. And thin mints for dessert. While I watched Sherlock.

Plans for tomorrow:
Stay off Facebook. The paranoia level is disgusting. The ignorance level is even worse.
Work. Maybe ping the boss.
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