Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Let's See If I make It As Far As Dinner

Last night was horrible. No matter what I did, I could not get to sleep, or even within several miles of it. No idea why. At about 3 am I gave up, and parked myself in front of the PC with a glass of chocolate milk, which soon became two. I even did a load of laundry.

Got to sleep around 4, but was up at least three times before the lights came on.

Somehow got through the morning routine, Hgl was a high 250, but between no sleep and the chocolate milk that was a reasonable number.

Luckily, by the time I hit the road I was fine. Left the shirts in the dryer. It was drizzling steadily, the route which had become routine was not as slow as it could have been until the exit.

Got my banana, diet Coke and HB egg and took them to the hole. Waited till Boss showed up as online in Hangouts, and sent a message asking all the things, and updating on another thing. 45 minutes later she responded. Turns out all the things were a case of a staffer misunderstanding what my assignment spreadsheet was for, but it raised a serious question which kept me busy for the rest of the day - going through the huge lists of Android apps, figuring out which ones can run on a TV, and trying them out to see which ones could be added to our test suite. Anything which required a provider was out (Comcast, DirecTV, etc.). Anything which needed add-on equipment was out. And if it required a keyboard or a microphone, it wasn't highlighted. I found a few.

Unfortunately, my main job is still on hold, waiting for specialized software. Disappointing because if things work out the way I hope, I'll get to re-connect with some friends from a few years ago at what is now a partner company.

Lunch was Asian Beef. At a little before 5 I took a hot chocolate break, and was treated to a brief walk-by of eye candy.

Thought about avoiding traffic either by going to the main building, plugging in the car, reading, and grabbing some dinner at 6:30 or going to the movies ($8 senior night) and catching Lion. Remembering how much higher my credit card debt is than I am comfortable with, I decided against the movie, and since the rain had let up, just drove home. It only took 17 minutes.

In the park mail slot was a soggy flier inviting the citizens to a going away party for the couple who have lived in the big corner house at the start of my block. Lovely people, I've met them a few times at Bingo and movie nights and on their long porch. Apparently they are heading to Reno. Party is Saturday, which is also SF Giants' fan fest, so if the weather is nice I'll go to AT&T park, but if not I'll go to the party.

In the mailbox was the Oregon Systems temp/humidity sensor to replace the one outside the bedroom window which had died of rain and rust. I installed the batteries and put it outside where it belongs, and changed the indoor unit to channel 3. It had been on channel 1, which is the sensor over the front door. That one is the whole length of the house away, and tended to cut out, especially in foul weather.

At work I saw that one of my favorite comedians had passed away at the tender age of 102. Professor Irwin Corey. I wanted to post one of my photos of him, and ended up going through all my B&W print albums before finally facing the fact that my folks had thrown out my poster which had a couple of shots of him. In the summer of 1969 I had an internship at KOMO-TV in Seattle as a studio cameraman, and always had my B&W film camera with me. On that board were also photos of Shari Lewis, Tiny Tim, host & legendary investigative reporter Don McGaffin, and a very attractive rep from the national whiskey board who had shown our resident chef how to make orange whiskey chicken,  something I still make from time to time, except I use salmon and sometimes pineapple. I suspect I am leaving some famous guest out, but just can't remember without photos.

Corey took over the show, I seem to remember him doing a mock Victor Borge routine as part of his appearance. At one point he zoomed up to a young woman in the front row who was wearing an above the knee pleated dress and said "You have beautiful legs, miss. Do they go all the way up?" Oh how I wish it was safe to use that line today. It served me well at college parties.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get rained on
Maybe plug in at the main building and read until dinner.

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