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More Time

Hit the pillows around 10 pm, and was asleep in minutes. Woke up several times, a hazard of going to sleep early, but got back to sleep quickly each time. I kept the bathroom door closed (the light from the street lamp bothers me) so Spook was exiled to the bedroom cat bed.

Not getting caught up in Facebook gives me lots more time in the morning. At work I've switched to Twitter, an entirely different and shallower medium. BBC made me laugh. A whole article speculating on what "- D" meant at the end of one of The Donald's tweets. It's his signature, assholes. Now get your heads out of your butts and cover Parliament approving Brexit, and eviscerating Windsorcare.

Overcast all day, tiny scattered drizzles. Last night chatted with Baltimore sister, 67° yesterday, snow expected tomorrow. Lots of it. My reading of the satellite images says no, they will only get the tail end of the snow, but a ton of rain. CT and PA look to be the snow target.

All day in the hole, had some work to do, but mostly watched 4K videos. Engineering manager wanted me to install new bits on one of my units, but I don't have access to that site. Meanwhile I hunted for apps which run on the TV and are not for videos. Found hangman, weather radar, alarm clock.

Lunch was Swedish meatballs. Many transients in and out of the break room.

Waited an extra 15 minutes in case EM came by with the bits on a USB stick, but no. So I drove across the street to the garage, plugged the car in, and went upstairs to read. WTF again - some jugglers were doing bowling pins and > 5 balls, indoors, in front of the main entry doors.

6:30, cafeteria opened, I waited a bit, then went in to grab a few slices of thin soggy pizza, and snagged one of the small tables in the hallway. As I was eating, Boss appeared from down the hall, so we chatted and caught up on stuff. Such as extending my contract. She wants to, but doesn't know the process. Apparently she has the approvals.

7:15, home. Back roads were lighter, the 45 mph road was clear.

I'd brought some desserts home, 3 out of 4 were edible. None were really very good. Typical.

Answered Michi's email, finally. Out of curiosity, after I filed hers, I looked through the "women" folder. Only a handful had more than one letter. I'm still in touch with all but one of those. That one was quite a surprise. In 1988, when I was working at HP, they sent me to a class in New Jersey and put me up in a 4BR apartment with three other guys. One night we piled into a car and drove to Atlantic City, and me and one other guy picked up a couple of women on the beach and brought them back to the apartment. Mine was a part time showgirl, and part time Tropicana "brand greeter" which meant she dressed in a banana suit. That kind of stuck in my mind. Valentine's Day 2011 she found my email address and re-connected. IN '88 we had written letters a few times, then she got married & we lost track of each other.

Nibbled on trail mix, watched the last two episodes of Shannara. What a lame cast. Jed Brophy was outstanding as the heavily made up and CGIed demon, Emilia Burns did what she could as the token Strong Black Woman™ without much support from the script, and Brooke Williams suffered the same fate as the Obligatory Sexy Blonde Not Quite Supporting Actress. Everyone else either phoned it in, or had a really weak cell signal. Or both.

Plans for tomorrow:
Boss may come by for a visit, hopefully with update bits

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