Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Getting Out Of Bed When You Don't Have To

As usual, the TV and radio and lights woke me up at 7:30, but being a Sunday with no plans till evening, I turned off the radio (KNBR does golf on Sunday mornings, my interest in that activity approaches zero from the negative numbers). TV news was interesting for a while, but then they walked off the cliff into a piece on fake news, which is when I hit the remote's off button because journalism fails when it becomes the story.

So I turned to my Samsung tablet, caught up on the latest non-political videos, checked the weather, searched for, downloaded and tried an app which could tell me my Clipper card balance (It also claims to do Orca cards) but it didn't work. Also found some more Thai music.

Spook was happily curled up in the cat bed by the laundry hampers, which inspired me to stay in bed until almost 11.

Finally up & showered & drugged, it was also time to re-load my two pill dispensers (a big one for mornings and a smaller one for bedtime).

Watered all the indoor plants, both my older Thai lime tree and my dwarf orange tree are blooming.

Had so much time to kill that I swiffered the kitchen floor, and then re-swiffered it with the steamer. It could use an industrial polisher.

Sat on the porch reading, it was in the 60's with little or no wind. Two hummingbirds came by the feeders, which were down to the last inch, so I refilled two of them, and recycled the third. That one was the oldest model, and it requires a funnel to fill - poor design - the newer ones have wide mouths, easier to fill and they don't need to be burped. Small mouth = bottleneck, literally.

Just clear sugar water this time, no food coloring. Hummers checked them out, I counted three.

Lunch was ad hoc - a small banana, half a packet of smoked salmon. Not exactly lox - it was thicker and didn't peel apart like lox. But close enough. And some slices of Muenster cheese. Ginger ale for my tummy. And cola too. When I had tummy issues as a child, dad would dose me with straight cola syrup.  sold it at his brother's pharmacy, I think. His brother & sister in law were both pharmacists. Mom's Rx was ginger ale. Baby sister got me to adding fresh sliced ginger to the bottle. SodaStream makes that easy.

Watched some TV, I forget what. Made a PNB sandwich, poured a glass of diet cola, and went back onto the porch to read.

At about 4:30 I was about to drive to MV to meet Janice, but while I was on the porch I saw a couple of weeds, so picked a few, and made a note to spray the borders. It's been staying light later, maybe there will be enough light after work.

The drive to MV which takes half an hour on weekday mornings took <7 minutes. I was early, but that meant I was able to snag one of my favorite tables and check for laptop updates. Barista was kind of slow.

Janice showed up early, expecting to have beaten me there. :-)

She was miffed that I had not told her about #SFGFest, so I showed her the pictures.

I told her that next weekend I will probably take advantage of the 3-day weekend and take the train to Sacto and then bus to the Hmong exhibit zyzyly posted about. http://www.hmongstory40.org/. She would like to go, but probably has other things on her calendar. As a (retired) social worker, she has a special interest.

Home, Tivo pointed me to a PBS genealogy show which was tracing Bill Maher's, Bill O'Reiley's and Soladad O'Reiley's Irish roots. It was painful to hear how often the host tooted his own horn. Yes, the research is tough, we get it. But don't knock a free trip to Ireland.

Finished the second Corwint book, Whispers From Exile by C.E. Kilgore. Pretty sure that's a pen name, considering she mostly writes slash and sci-fi with a lot of slash content. Kilgore Trout was the porn novelist invention of the late, great Kurt Vonnegut. And so it goes. Did not buy the next book, my OCD was being tweaked too much by her misuse of English, and the senseless typos. The first two books were free... My biggest gripe is she kept using the word "inhale" where she meant "breath". There is no such thing as "an inhale". She also invents some alien language words, and sometimes misuses them, or uses them inconsistently. Instead I paid about $8 for a Buzz Aldrin/John Barnes book Encounter with Tiber from long enough ago that one of the jacket comments is from Sir Arthur C. Clarke.

Dinner was a small chicken teriyaki Safeway frozen thing, I wasn't feeling too hungry after a venti mocha and a butter criossant.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. I have at least another full day's worth of testing the latest bits. And one more overnight test.
Home. Maybe try out the new weed sprayer.

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