Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Baycon Day 1

The bad news:

Both the hotel and the con ops are not prepared for this con. Rooms are way late being set up, if at all. Registration is a nightmare. Communications about delays is almost non-existent. Signage is minimal, and where it exists is small and difficult to read. I arrived at just after 4:30, to discover that registration was closed from 4:40-6, which meant I missed a 5:30 panel I'd rushed there to see, and wasn't able to go into the dealer room either. I waited in line till 6:50 for my badge!

You would think the biggest sci-fi con in the area would have online registration. OK, maybe there are less than 300 Baycon attendees who have the skills to set this up for them, but it wouldn't be much less. It should have been done years ago.

The good news:

I found _oy_ and scendan right away, and was invited to join their gang for dinner, which included the amazing iamradar. Also saw seamoose and figmo plus filbo and Major Havoc (I don't think they are on LJ). Got lots and lots of compliments and chuckles over my Inigo Montoya-themed T-shirt, which was my costume.

Lots of eye candy. This time I brought my pro camera/flash and have shot some good pix. The 300mm zoom comes in handy.

Parties - spent some time with scendan and her new pet kiwi at the Middle Earth party. Joined BASF during a visit to their party room.  Watched con veteran and bona fide expert figmo acquire three ribbons for her badge in 2 minutes. I always wondered how people got those, now I know.

Had an interesting chat with a water sprite while waiting for a photo op at the contra dance lesson. Her hobby is Serbian professional basketball players.

It's been a long day - work, then ophthalmologist eye dilation exam then Baycon. Must sleep. More Baycon tomorrow. I will bring a somewhat generic costume for evening, unsure if I will dress up for the daytime session.


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