Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Second Monday

Slept well, except for when Spook pushed open the bathroom door, which I had left open just enough so she could sneak in. However, having WD40ed the hinges recently, her 13# push slams the door open and hits the little table next to it.

Up and out a little early, remembered to bring extra batteries and my gamepad.

Finished what I could of the testing, copied Boss and Engineer on the results, got some feedback from Engineer which said to ask the guys next door for help. I hate doing that, I'm supposed to be certifying their work, after all. But they were happy to loan me some equipment and show how to pair the gamepad which I'd brought batteries for. Everything online said it was plug and play but it needed a special set of keys pressed. They also loaned me a DVD player for a component video test, but it has RGB signal issues, so while I was able to perform the basic test, I'll bring my VCR/DVD player tomorrow. Annoying, because my spare, compact player doesn't have component output, nor does the one in the bedroom, nor the one in the livingroom. My TiVo bolt doesn't, but the two older ones I don't use do, but I don't trust their copy protection to allow a signal through. My own gamepad was useless, it's wifi and won't pair to anything except the NVidia boxes.

I have plenty of home made DVDs with no DRM.

Ran out of tests to run after lunch. Lunchtime was an eye candy adventure. There is one woman who has been hanging out with her laptop on the sofas outside the lecture hall. Yesterday she was wearing a form-fitting pair of fitness stretch pants, and while she wore a baggy sweater, from the waist down she looked amazing. Today she was wearing thin skinny jeans, and it showed off her athletic calves and thighs and butt. She was joined by another woman who also was doing the baggy top/tight pants thing, but #2 was skinny, not toned at all. There were also a couple of tourists who came through, very petite and cute. I'm guessing the athlete will be there all week. She seems to have something to do with the classes in the lecture hall.

Back at work, I fired up Netflix and hunted for 4k content. Watched three episodes of The Crown before I figured out why I could not stand the actor playing Phillip. Matt Smith, who turned me off of Doctor Who a couple of years ago. I'm done with that, switched to a Crouching Tiger knock-off, and kept getting confused because there were two pretty young girls, but they were on opposite sides. And a third who was a mercenary who looked a lot alike.

Left at 5:30, stopped off at Grocery Outlet for misc. stuff. Grapes, smoked turkey wings & legs, chocolates, frozen lunches/dinners and what I hope will be tartar sauce - sandwich spread and relish.

Home, heated up some of the smoked turkey and opened a container of garlic stuffed green olives while watching the rest of the Chinese movie. Gave up on it before the end, too many of the good guys got killed, and FFed through a lot of fighting-in-the-dark. WTF was the director thinking? Moved on to Sherlock, but all that was left was "making of" clips. :-(

Got email from my ISP that they found some suspicious files on my site. One was a standard access control file, but all the others were php fies, placeholder web pages which definitely were not put there by me. They were in innocuous places, most of them were buried among my photo gallery images. Pulling them up on a browser, most of them did nothing, at least one redirected to a blocked site. I got rid of all but the access list.

It's Valentine's Day, but I'm not paying any attention. It has been so long since I had a love life, I forget who wears the handcuffs.

Got email in the morning from my contract rep, she said she was sent a message to approve my end date of 3/4. I think that was supposed to be my original end date. I need to talk to Boss about that, and find out how long she really wants to keep me.

3-day weekend coming up. Bought Capitol Corridor tickets from the Santa Clara/Great America station to SAC and back. Google maps shows street parking for that station, and it's closer than SJC which is hit and miss with parking. Also reserved a room at Vagabond Inn across the street, but I'll catch a bus to the exhibit before checking in. It's just overnight, I'll pack light.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work, bring A/V unit & dvds
Talk to Boss

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