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Kinda boring

Today's challenge was to find other things to do when my test machine was running a 24-hour video. It's on the test sheet...

Traffic was pretty light where I got onto the freeway - 30mph, didn't have to slow down to merge. Usually it's at a crawl there.

The bug I had reported was responded to, but they were wrong, so I added a detailed step by step. Turns out part of it is a known problem with one particular app, but that's not what I filed the bug against.

Spent some Quality Time learning how to better use the logging tool.

Lunch was Thai coconut chicken, which wasn't Thai at all. Except for the pineapple, which I could do without. Not much traffic today. More at break time, some pretty women.

Stuck around an extra 15 minutes and then drove to the garage and plugged the car in. Took my laptop upstairs and wrote the previous entry, which had been bugging me all day. No dinner service, blamed on the upcoming 3-day weekend. Makes no sense at all to shut something down on Thursday for a Monday holiday.

The car didn't need much of a charge, it's been running on gas the last couple of days. It doesn't like it that I don't use the gas engine, so it overrides my electric setting from time to time. I thought about driving to Sacramento this weekend to exercise the gas engine, instead of taking the train, but it's going to be raining.

Home at about 7, spent too much time on FB, need to step away again. Except I need to post cat photos.

Canceled my indeed.com email updates on technical jobs in Huntsville, Alabama and KC, KS. Those are places with aerospace companies which have lower costs of living, and being in a double-wide is considered affluence. Now that my job appears safe till next year...

Watched the latest Match Game. Some pretty women on the panel this time. All 4 contestants were losers, and it was clear that the first win was faked, and the dummy went on to win the grand prize. The $25,000 question was hand picked for him. I think I'm done with this show.

The plastic tablet stand I ordered arrived, and while it is lighter than my metal one, it is much bulkier.

Marie C herb roast chicken for dinner. Ice cream sandwich and some grapes for dessert. Got on the exercise bike till my legs hurt, which was not very long. I don't know how long because the display was blank. After I was done I put new batteries in. It had the original batteries, which I think dated from my knee surgery. A lot of years.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe scout out the Amtrak stop where I'm catching the train Saturday. Got home too late to do it tonight.


Feb. 18th, 2017 03:14 am (UTC)
Thanks for the congrats, and good luck on your quest.

Yeah, Thailand has specific regional food groups: Central, Southern, NorthEast (Isan) and North. Most of what you find in America is central, with some changes which can be blamed on the FDA, which has this thing about not allowing poisonous plants. Any time you see broccoli on a Thai menu, it is a substitute for either water lily or marigold, both of which are bitter because of the toxins. I miss them.

Central has the curries which clean your sinuses as they choke you. And everything is over rice, unless it is over rice noodles. Non-curry dishes have the tiny hot chili peppers which kill taste buds. The Thai word for that chili is "prick Thai". Typical breakfast is BBQ pork slices over rice with hard boiled egg, or rice soup if you're not feeling well.

Southern has a lot of Muslim influence, since half of the south was Malaysia before WWII. Lamb, beef tongue, "cow mook guy" is basically paella, but it is made by setting up a big pot of rice with chicken parts and saffron cooked into it.

NE is the home of sticky rice, raw ground pork, pig's blood and unidentifiable pig and chicken parts cooked in sticky rice inside banana leaves or bamboo tubes. Papaya salad (Somtom) is from there too. I can't stand the stuff, it's made from grating the peel.

Northern is where honey BBQ everything comes from. They are big on insects there. Lately those have started showing up in Bangkok near the bars where the girls are trafficked from the north. Actually, most of the ones I talked to came for the money, and go home regularly to visit the child they couldn't support up-country.

The whole country does duck, chicken, fish and shellfish in some form or another. And fruit, lots and lots of fruit.

A lot of the restaurant staff in the US come from the NE, which is where the USAF bases were, so there is some NE food in all the Thai restaurants here.

As for Chinese, my birthday dinner growing up on Long Island was Lobster Cantonese for many years. Here it's just called lobster. My one week in Szechuan my hosts took me to places meant to be incendiary or very fatty, so difficult to handle with chopsticks. I was coming from 3 weeks in Thailand, so my taste buds were already gone, and I've been good with chopsticks since I was 6. Thais don't use them except for Chinese or Japanese food, because eating with sticks is for barbarians. China has a lot of cuisines. One of my co-workers a dozen years ago worked part time in his parents' Hunan style place, and you probably know about Mongolian.

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