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Ready 2 Go

Slept well, I think. I did have one nasty dream where it felt like I had been struck by lightning from the inside, like near my liver, and it woke me up. As I awoke I thought it was the beginning of the neuropathy my doctor warned me about.  But after a minute it was clear it had been in the dream and did not hold over into real life.

It was raining pretty hard, and windy, but when I got onto my usual freeway entrance it was almost at the speed limit, and stayed that way to the exit. I was 10 minutes early.

Morning routine has been messed with. Those HB eggs I complained about have been discontinued, the minions pulled them all out of the fridge, and nothing replaced them. Also the Tillamook cheddar was down to only a couple of jalapeño ones which I think is a horrible thing to do to cheese of that quality. These are plastic packages about an inch high and an inch and a half long, thick cut. There was mild yellow and sharp white. All gone.

But there were Kind bars this morning, and I had also brought one from home.

I was hoping to run the 24-hour video test, but Engineer had found a bug and asked me to try it. I told him I'd do it as soon as the test was done, but after an hour OCD set in, and I figured 18 hours was good enough. But it turned out the version he was testing was one later than what I had, so all for naught.

But it gave me some other things to test which I had not been aware of, so that was good.

Slow day, towards the end I did a factory reset and started an automation test just for grins. 3-day weekend means it will be done before I'm back at work.

No eye candy at all at lunch or break. Only me and a fridge maintenance guy at break. Rained very hard on the way to break, my Scotchguard experiment worked, but not as well as expected. I forgot about my jeans, which got soaked. 

Headed out at 5:40, traffic was not as light as it should have been for a Friday before a 3-day weekend when there is a lot of snow in the ski areas. Around here people like to be on the highway to the hills by 3.

As planned, I took a left instead of a right on Tasman, past Levi's Stadium, left into the country club then right to "Stars And Stripes Dr." where the Amtrak station  is hidden. I was right, there is 72-hour parking on the street but in the dark & rain it was hard to tell if there were available spots. Another block and there is the parking lot originally meant for the soccer field, but the sign says it's fine for Amtrak parking for 72 hours, plus weekends.

The bad news is it was a 20-minute drive from there to home, so I'll need to leave around 9:30 tomorrow morning. It's mostly commuter parking, so I expect a lot of cars will have gone by the time I get there. Fingers crossed.

It's going to be a wet weekend.

Home, watched some Korean girl bands on YouTube. They are way too cute. And so many have blonde hair. Even some of the boys in their dance troupes do. I'm almost regretting Peace Corps did not send me to Korea. But it was on the list as one of the toughest assignments, between the harsh winters and the difficult language. And crappy food. Though I think they make the best short ribs.

Dinner was Banquet Man Meal of ground pork substance in mild BBQ sauce with mashed potatoes and mixed veggies. While that was heating up I made a couple of PNB&J sandwiches to take along tomorrow. Also put my meds in zip-lock mini bags. I'm all packed, except for last minute things. Not much for a one night stay.

Ordered some shampoo, walnuts and cat food from jet.com.

After I get back I need to go to Target for a SodaStream cartridge exchange. Monday...

Spook has been a nudge, I had to pull her claws out of my office chair too many times. I waited an hour before putting meat sticks out for her. She has full food & water, her litterbox can go another week, I think. Definitely the weekend.

Finally got around to a long awaited 2do list item - loaded a lot of my favorite albums onto the phone and got an app to play them. Sounds great on the Bose earbuds.

At lunchtime I tried the new tablet stand, and it's not a FAIL but it isn't better than the metal one. It is way too thick and makes a loud ratchet noise when opened. Doesn't really fit in the case's outer pocket -- makes it look like my tablet ate a puppy.

Delivered was a new bamboo steamer set. The old one is in the trash now. The new one is exactly the same design, but not burned.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up at 7:30
Finish packing and out by 9:30
10:25 train to SAC
Bus to Hmong exhibit
Find dinner
Bus back to the hotel

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