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Well, that was a nice surprise

That lens I couldn't find yesterday? Found it. Instead of Amazon, I looked on Nikon's site, found a really nice 50mm FX lens, and it pointed me to places to buy it. Adorama, which is a reputable company I've used a few times in the past, had it in stock, with a free filter kit (about a $60 value) and free shipping. But they wanted 446.95. Too much. That was for the very fast f/1.4. Under "related items" was the same lens, but a little less fast - f/1.8. Minuscule difference for the kind of shooting I do. Other than that, the specs were the same. Smallest lens opening is f/16, which isn't as good as I would like, but fine for a 50mm, it's almost a macro, it can focus as close as 18", and it has the built in S focus, lightning fast. For $216.95. Sold!
Last night sleep was on and off, couldn't really settle in. Tummy is still a little bit iffy, and I was running a low grade fever. Very low grade. Like C-. Maybe D+. Thought about aspirin, but forgot.

Playing videos on the Samsung tablet has been erratic lately, Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin, Puffin and Safari knock-off browsers all had problems skipping around the timeline. Found a 2017 internet app which is rock solid, and wasted two hours putting it through its paces. Got out of bed a little before 11.

Turned on the radio and was zapped by the emergency broadcast system telling me there were slides and flash flood warnings for Alameda County. My big gripe with Bay Area radio is it "serves" a huge geographical area, so I am forced to hear alerts and traffic reports which are the East Coast equivalent of hearing about Boston traffic in Portland, ME or Providence, RI. Not applicable. Not interested. And useless, even for those who commute in those areas because by the time it is on the radio, it has changed.</RANT>

Plan A was a surgical strike to Target, which was completed mostly successfully. Did not buy anything not on my list, they had an exchange for my SodaStream cartridge, and everything on my list sort of. They were out of Lactaid 2% milk, so I bought one fat free and one house brand ($1 more) 2%. There were enough frozen meals that I didn't need to go to Safeway.

Stopped off on the way home at Grocery Outlet, still no PayDays, but they had a good price on eggs and Tillamook dark chocolate mint ice cream.

Home, hard boiled the eggs while eating the ice cream. There's still a little bit of ice cream left.

Relaxed, spent minimal time online, and at 4:15 headed to MV and chatted with Janice till 6. She's a Red Cross volunteer and it looks like she will be helping at shelters in San Jose, which are crowded because the usual homeless camps are now rivers, and probably will only get worse until Thursday. She went to SF to see the 20th anniversary performance of Rent, but she and her friends hated it and left at halftime.

OTOH she also went to see Allegiance and was blown away. She is puzzled by why it only ran for 5 months on Broadway. She figures a less than all-star cast could easily have taken over and run for a long time. I suggested she write to George. I may too, now that she mentions it.

Before we left, I looked up the rain report - more than 2" in Mountain View today. Looking again, 2.77" in 24 hours. Wow. YTD 29.17". Average annual is 39.28.

Back home by surface roads because it was raining hard and it was after dark. For dinner I gnawed on a couple of smoked turkey wings. Probably should have had some veggies but instead opted for an ice cream sandwich and two aspirin. Watched Elementary, from the week before last, on CBS All Access. It was also recorded on Tivo, but the signal sucked. This time there was no soap, just drama, and only one plot line. Some excellent acting by Isiah Whitlock Jr. as the antagonist, not to be confused with "bad guy". You had to be there. Episode name "Over A Barrel" is pretty lame. Comes from a minor plot point. Kind of like naming "E.T." "Bicycle Ride".
Delivered was a wet, broken package from OnTrac, three times bigger than it needed to be and filled with not enough packing paper to make it crush-proof. 16 lb bag of cat food, 3 bottles of shampoo, 3# of walnuts. In a box the size of a police dog kennel.

Did a load of laundry this morning, another is in the dryer now.

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