Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I should be asleep...

And maybe I am. Got home at half past midnight, would have stayed at BayCon longer but want to go to a 10 am panel, so...

Gave away my last 2 biz cards from my wallet stash, and decided the handful on my desk was not enough, so broke out PageMaker and am printing a new batch. When those are done I'll shut down the computer and hit the sack. Have some nice 500 thread count cotton sheets on the bed tonight, which just arrived yesterday. They are lovely, and I don't slide off them as with the satin polyester sheets.

Dumped my Baycon photos onto the PC, took a lot of scendan in her revan outfit, too many did not come out because the !@#$%^&* camera insists on changing its autofocus setting to "closest subject" when it's been off for a while. A lot did come out, though. Remind me to drag people outside instead of shooting in the awful lack of ambient light indoors. It makes a huge difference, even in flash photography.

I am so impressed by imradar that I tend to melt around the edges near her. It's like this: IMHO the definition of an Actress is a woman who is so into her character in looks and mannerisms that you see only the character, and not the actress inside the costume. This weekend I have seen Radar in several costumes, and the transformation is so complete that at least three times I did not know it was her. One of those times she had described the costume to me in great detail beforehand. And she is witty and warm and has these amazing eyes. Sigh.

Biz cads are printed. Gonna spray them with fixer and turn this Satanic Relic off and try to sleep.

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