Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Mundane Tuesdane

Slept okay, woke up 15 minutes before the alarm and was on the road about 10 minutes early. By the time Automation Guy phoned, I was in the break room collecting bananas and diet Cokes. So I called him back when I got into my office in the hole.

Nothing at all on the agenda today, but over the weekend the app which had the buggy update was magically installed on my test machine, and it was worse than the Engineer described. I removed the update and all was well. Just for practice I re-flashed the memory on the device and continued watching TV. I'm seeing an intermittent issue, but it is not a blocker, more of a customer experience thing which is probably due to the unit being a prototype.

Lunch was Smart Something Swedish meatballs, smaller and inferior to the other brands. Dessert was thin mints. I'm running low, but forgot to look on the cookie app to see where I can buy more.

Nothing special this afternoon. At 5:30 after I put the cooler in the car I hiked up to the creek trail, and was rewarded with a rare view of running water. Not the elevated levels I expected, though. Enough to float a duck, maybe.

Home traffic was light until I got to Shoreline Blvd, and I got stuck where there was no way out. Usually by that time all the traffic is coming from Google, in the direction I'm going, and the insanity comes from idiots trying to get onto the freeways, which are on the right-hand lane, from the middle and left-hand lanes at the last minute. I stick with the left lane, so when the idiots move right I get to move forward. But tonight there was a ton of traffic coming off the two freeways, and turning into my lane. I spent half an hour on that 1-mile stretch which usually worst case is 5 minutes. Took an hour to get home.

In the mailbox was a check for an Avis overcharge class action settlement, for about $13, which is way more than I expected. Usually it costs more to deposit those things than they are worth.

Another nice surprise is UPS emailed that the lens will be delivered tomorrow.

Fired up TurboTax and was finally able to slurp up my Scottrade 1099's. The gains came in at about $100 less than what I'd calculated. I think I'm ready to file now. Maybe tomorrow.

Dinner was Marie C turkey/mashed/stuffing which was not up to par. Used to be turkey medallions, now just chunks of white meat, and a bare minimum of stuffing. Good veggies, though. Watched the most recent episode of Elementary which wasted a whole segment on "previously" from a few weeks ago, about the subplot, and the main plot was an epic example of how to solve a case with the most esoteric collection of facts possible. The herrings were redder than usual, as well.

Tonight's FAIL was trying to delete all my stuff from Google Photos. It's a truly useless service. Turns out the the official "how to" is only good for a handful of images, not the thousands the app scooped up off my PC. I think I managed to delete all the nudes. The only almost efficient way is to tag a day's images at a time.

Plans for tomorrow:
Plug in the car and wait until after the cafeteria opens before hitting the streets. 

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