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Printing my tax forms from Turbotax. My ex-brokerage finally delivered my forms by snailmail, which I wanted to have in hand to compare with the download. They matched, and that was the last thing I needed to file. My current brokerage beat them by a week.

Scottrade was perfect for me for years, I put all my meager assets there after Dad died, for three main reasons. They had a real office near where I worked and two more in convenient locations. Their fee per transaction was only $7. And when it came time to execute Dad's living trust, they were one of two brokerages which knew what a living trust is and gave me no hassles about draining the account and wiring the funds to a BofA account set up for that purpose. But they were bought last year by a brokerage which had "lost" some shares of stock I had mailed them,  which were later found by a clearinghouse in someone else's account. Vanguard was the other brokerage which was hassle free, and they even sent a personal condolence letter. They don't have local offices, and they charge as much as $25 per transaction, but I don't trade much nowadays, so they are my new brokerage.

Okay, forms printed and stapled and ready for the file cabinet. Also replaced two ink cartridges which were almost empty.

Slept strangely last night, some very brief dreams which made no sense, which I think I said so out loud when I broke out of them. Was not feeling rested when the alarms went off, so I took an other half hour to doze. 15 minutes late getting out, forgot the HB eggs, and was still packing my lunch box when Automation Guy called. I'll have to phone him tomorrow when we're stuck in traffic.

Traffic was reasonable today, both directions. Nice clear dry day. Cold, though.

No HB eggs in the fridge this morning (there were some yesterday). But there were Kind bars. And bananas. They have kiwi fruit but try to peel those with plastic ware.

Lots of testing to do today, Engineer came by to look at another TV in my room, I finally got to show him the bug he had not been able to reproduce.

After lunch Boss messaged that Monday she will come visit me with The Test Laptop so I can finally start doing the work I was originally hired for. So far all my work has been on someone else's products. This one will be for her product. She would have come tomorrow, but she's taking a vacation day.

I was thinking about another short trip this weekend, maybe a bus to a casino, but all those are aimed at the hard core gambler. There are usually two sets of buses, one leaving around 8 am and returning at about 3:30 pm, and the other a red eye, leaving at 8 pm and returning at 3:30 am.  Maybe some other time, right now most of those casinos are on the wrong side of "chains required" or "flash flood alert". Overnight is out of the question - room rates for Saturdays range from $300 to $700. Some of them have good food, and they are all a scenic daytime trip.

CHM has some interesting Thursday evening talks coming up, I signed up for two of them.

Solved a puzzle which I thought would be a weekend project. Could not figure out why Book of Mormon was the only musical my car said was on the USB drive. I'd copied all my tunes. Or so I thought. It seems I had saved my musicals to a different folder than the pop/rock tunes. Needed a bigger memory stick, which I happened to have on hand. I hope the car can read it.

While that was copying, I managed to delete all my photos from Google Photos. Yay! Useless "service". I'll keep my fingers crossed that Flickr stays afloat after Yahoo bows to their new corporate overlords.

Lunch was Stouffers sesame chicken, which had no sesame seeds, and used thin spaghetti instead of rice or chow mein. Thin mints for dessert. Two very brief visits by cute, petite women.

Dinner was more smoked turkey drumstick, this time with mixed veggies.

Plans for tomorrow:
Phone Automation Guy from the freeway

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