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Mister Eclectic

Two hours I will never get back

This morning while YouTubing, something popped up on my screen suggesting a porn site. I thought it was a prank, after all, who would name a porn site "chaturbate"? So I checked it out. It exists. And somehow I got caught up in it. Basically, it is a collection of web cams, which can be watched for free, from all over the world. Each one displays a thumbnail of whomever is in front of the cam, the nickname of the person(s) and all you have to do is click to expand it to a small live video, and scrolling down usually tells a little about the person(s). It's mostly single women, but there are men, couples, small groups and transgendereds. The image and description is on the left, a running twitter-like feed by people who have paid $ to become members is on the right. The "models" earn tips from the paid members.

From there it can be expanded full screen, where you only see the model(s).

It was fascinating, skipping between them. A trio of 25-ish Romanian women who will strip for tips, and advertise that when they have reached their $goal they will phone for pizza and seduce the delivery guy. There's a very pretty woman who lists her location as "in your dreams" with startlingly blue eyes and massive eyeliner art who only shows her face. A large percentage of the models are in Columbia, and some appear to be trafficked. An American fitness model in her 40's lies on her stomach in a motel bed, completely naked, the camera view is from the side. She talks to the paid members, answering what they wrote in their tweets, reminding them that tips are appreciated. Many models wear a remote controlled vibrator which reacts in intensity corresponding to the size of the tip.  

By the time I had had seen enough, it was noon.

Slept really well, but woke up with a slight headache. Spook jumped onto the bed and head butted my hand for petting for about 10 minutes, possibly a record.

No lunch, instead went to downtown *$s for the first time since employment, I think. Windows update took over as soon as I opened up Outlook. Small update, it didn't take long.

On my way out, a pair of brownies and 3 moms had set up a cookie stand, and I was going to pass them by since I still had 4 boxes of thin mints, but the moms were in refugeeware, and it occurred to me that enrolling your kids in Scouts is a really good & brave way to make a commitment to America, so I bought another box.

Before & after Starbucks I played Ingress, and a whole slew of green, two of which I'd converted from neutral, were now blue, with very high resonator numbers. Bummer.

Home, on the porch was a large but thin Amazon box, the 2nd compost bin. I hauled it to the back of the house and set it up next to the almost-full one. Transferring clippings to it will be on the docket for next weekend.

Inside, changed the litterbox and tossed the old one. Collected all the garbage bags, put those in the bin and wheeled it out to the street. Flattened the Amazon and two Jet boxes and taped them into a bundle. Next project took about half an hour in the recliner, converting about 30 feet of packing paper into balls small enough to fit in the recycling bin. Took the two buckets of recycle stuff to the bin, then filled them with the paper balls and took those to the bin, wheeled the bin to the street. Carried the flattened box bundle outside and parked it against the bin.

Had a chat with a neighbor who was on his way to walking his microdog. He was even less pleased with the administrator's rant, because it mentioned what he complained about. We agreed it was not the right way for the new administrator to introduce himself.

On to the recipe I posted yesterday. There was some improvisation, because the boxes of agar2 I had bought at Ranch 99 were about 3x the size of the one in the YouTube video, so I needed a larger pot and cake pans, and it took longer to set. I cut up 7 large mangoes, about 5 went into the blender along with half a lime's juice. The box said it contained sugar, so I didn't add any. I picked a few mint plants and plucked then chopped the leaves to mix into the mango gel.  For the coconut layer I used a package of string agar agar, and half the amount of water because there wasn't much room in the mango pans, so the coconut layer would be thinner. I added sugar & salt, and whisked a lot of the strings out of the pot, I'd added too much. The coconut layer ended up denser and a bit lumpy, but probably will be fine.

While waiting for the mango gel to set, I watched a round of Match Game where once again they had some questions which only had one good answer, but most had no good answers. They gave away $25k, though. Dinner was wedged in there somewhere, Marie C turkey.mashed/stuffing.

Online for an hour while the coconut layer set, then both pans went into the fridge. I'll check it out tomorrow night.

Loaded the dishwasher and started it up.

Plans for tomorrow:
To work on time
Boss will bring over my new test laptop, and set me up with the tests.
Home whenever. Try the experimental dessert

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