Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Slaving over a hot stove again

Slept very soundly. only woke up twice, the first time around 5 am. Did my morning stuff, barely touched the Internet, and was on the road before traffic set in, and at the office 15 minutes early, expecting Boss to show up with the new machine Any Minute Now. But she had just started installing stuff at 10. There was a big buffet for a corporate customer in "my" break room so I didn't go to grab a Coke till 11, and because of who the customer was, all the Pepsi products had been pulled from the case and Coke products doubled. Fine with me, I'm a Coke fan.

As I was coming back, Boss was walking into the hole.

She showed me basically how to set up the tests, but to save time she logged in as herself, so after lunch I got myself logged in and re-started the test app, which was a PIA. And it wouldn't let me shut down the laptop with Boss still logged in.

Lunch was interesting, the customers were locked out of their room, so it was a little crowded for 5 minutes, then all of a sudden I had the break room to myself.

Lunch was a can of stuffed grape leaves and half a baloney & cheese sandwich and Thin Mints. All those could be eaten cold, just in case, but I was able to nuke them after all.

Afternoon break time I just beat the crowd, they were being served beer & wine & small cups of some kind of dessert-like object.

Worked a little with the guys next door, who were stumped by a bug I filed, and we did some stuff which we thought might fix the problem, but it didn't, so I disconnected the new test laptop and told them they could play after I left. They come in later, sometimes stay later.

On the road at 5:30, traffic was sane again, until the Intersection From Hell, which had me taking the great circle route.

Cut up the agar agar treats in the smaller of the 2 trays, and as I feared, the top (coconut) layer was too hard & tasteless, but the mango/mint bottom layer was perfect. So I cut off the top layer, poured about a liter of hot water into a pot, added another 16oz of coconut milk, half a cup of sugar, and a splash of vanilla extract, which was a mistake because it turned the mix grey. Another can of coconut milk helped. Boiled that down for a couple of hours, and poured it back on top of the two mango trays. It set pretty quickly, so I may had used too much gel again. Tomorrow will taste test it.

Marie C herb roasted chicken while watching the last half of Match Game, then the last hour of The Voice. It comes in on the antenna flawlessly, so I have Tivo recording it from now on. There were some good voices, and way too much time wasted on back stories and even more on judges' banter. Two of the voices had me at the first note, another wasn't the voice as much as the energy and a passable voice. Gwen Stephani looks very hot.

Melted what was left over from the agar topping, I'll deal with it later. Probably freeze it.

No mail and no deliveries. I used my $15 credit on Jet to buy a <$11 container of Downy, which ended up >$17 with shipping & tax. If they ship it in a too-big box I am done with them.

Plans for tomorrow:
More time with the new test machine, and Boss. She was going to bring some other gear I asked for.


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