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While I'm waiting for the dim sum to steam

Another sweaty night. Another night of Spook in the cat bed on the bed, though she also parked herself next to the cat bed on the bed for a while. At about 7:30 she meowed a lot and head-butted my hand and got about 10 minutes of quality petting. Maybe 15. She got closer to me than ever before, but still won't let me put an arm around her. So afraid of being captured. So sad.

Lazy morning, spent some time trying to figure out why the bedroom motion sensor kept firing when there was no motion. I wonder if it has to do with the software upgrade Samsung installed on the hub the other day.

11 am I'm finally taking an hgl reading and it's 172, too high, but probably because I hadn't medicated yet.

My to-do list was taken care of pretty easily. Sort of. Drove to the Mercado center Fedex to ship the lens back to Adorama. As I was making the right turn onto Lawrence it occurred to me that making a left would get me to both the closest Fedex and the main UPS. OTOH the main UPS is closed on weekends. And that particular Fedex is small and understaffed. So not a bad choice. On to New Wing Yuan market for more agar, but they only had the same too-large box of powder and the same bag of strings. In another department I found bars of it in various colors. Produce was horrible, but in the freezer they had ha gow. I bought one box of agar and one clear bar, plus two packets of coconut milk powder as well.

Next stop was Lowe's, bought a pair of rat traps with bait, a pair of chemical protection nitrile gloves and a spray can of top coat (lacquer). Resisted the temptation to buy more thin mints. Did not find claw on a stick, the helpers pointed me to where it might be, but it wasn't.

Didn't know if I was driving to SFO or if Janice was, so I put $5 of gas in the car, just in case.

Home, put away the food, sprayed the spirit house until it was completely coated with lacquer, and then sat on the carport steps to read the instructions for the rat traps. First, though, I removed the spring-loaded traps, sprung them and tossed them in the garbage. Baited the new traps and set them in place under the house. I tried, but can't fit through the access hatch, so they didn't get placed where I wanted them, but the instructions say the rats will probably travel far enough to find them.

Put the extra bait & gloves in the shed, and took out the weed killer pump, and sprayed weeds which had come up along the retaining wall since the last rains.

Time to relax. Made corndogs for lunch. Turned on YouTube on the TV, and set up a series of Taylor Swift videos. Spook watched most of one, which surprised me, she never notices the TV. Taylor's eyes are different colors in different videos. I think her natural color is hazel, but sometimes they are bright blue and in one Renn-themed one they match the hero's brown. She is the queen of make-up and costumes, she probably has a collection of colored contacts. She's very pretty, and fairly talented, but after a while all her songs sound the same - almost always a strong 4/4 back beat.

Lee rang the doorbell, she had gotten a note from the quarterly inquisition that a patio table was blocking an entrance, and had to be moved. One of the very rare times when the inquisition made a sensible suggestion. She was amused, because back about 10 years ago, the person who lived in my house had a barbecue setup on the patio between our houses, and when said person moved out, she gave Lee the furniture. So now I have a patio table on the patio. I'm tempted to get a BBQ (NOT!). She uses the patio far more than I do, it's her access to her carport garden, since her husband has 4 cars, and there are always 2, usually 3 in the carport.

Back inside, entered the bills into Quicken, and played on the PC until it was time to go to MV. I was about 10 minutes late, parking was not where it usually is by her place. And 101 traffic was slow.

Turns out she was driving. I was navigator for the final approach, a cleverly hidden hourly rate garage "G" near the International Terminal. By now it is raining hard, I was surprised at how not-stupid people were driving. I guess we have had time to get used to it.

We found Starbucks, which was mostly closed, but still had tea. We had an hour to kill. The directions to the office were very clear, and so was signage. About 8:20 we went to the door where her 8:30 appointment was, and someone without an appointment had rattled the handle enough that an officer came out. He found Janice on the list and invited her in. I waited on comfortable chairs outside. It was a short wait, maybe 10 minutes. They really only had to see her in person, take a photo and fingerprints, and ask if she had record.

We were back on the road by 9, much heavier rain and slower but still not-stupid traffic, and I was home by 10.

Made dinner - ha gow, sui mai and cha siu bow. Used the new steamer. Managed not to set it on fire this time.

Watched an episode of Shark Tank. Dessert was 4 cubes of the mango/coconut confection. It's started to grow on me.

In fashion news, I changed jeans this morning, and this pair fits just right, so I dug out my favorite belt and left the suspenders to contemplate the error of their ways. One disadvantage to suspenders is if I'm wearing a jacket or a sweater over them, I have to take that off to take a crap. Another is they hide the message on the T-shit I'm wearing.

Plans for tomorrow:
Make something out of the defrosted ground beef. Penang meatballs, probably.
Maybe go to Automation Guy's son's party. Maybe not because I don't have a present and AG said it would be a very small party.
Trim Spook's claws

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