Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Forgot to mention yesterday that Lee chastised me for keeping the tropical trees indoors, anything green I take her word on, so I refilled the humidifier platters on the porch and moved the two Thai lime trees and the dwarf orange tree out there.  
Vacuuming up the orange and Thai lime blossoms, my trusty Hoover decided to stop sucking. Almost no suction  through the hose when detached for getting the corners and close to the wall. I pulled out the "upstairs" vacuum cleaner and finished the job. When I was in a 2-level I kept one up and one down. It's a Eureka, and while it has great suction, it doesn't have the Hoover's perks - retractable power cord, bagless, power switch near the top of the handle, clip-in detachable hose (as opposed to brute force). Online, found the Hoover on Amazon for $90, with cash back it cost less than repairing the old one, and faster.

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