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Not Much

I woke up at 7:30 with the alarms, asked Google what day it was, she said "Sunday", turned them off and next thing I knew it was 10:30. Non-sweaty sleep FTW.

Spook was in the cat bed on my bed the whole time, I think.

Hgl at 11 was 104, which is pretty good. Rain streaks on the windows, we had a big downpour sometime early morning.

Messaged AG that I would not be at the party. He really only invited me to be polite.

It was one Senior Moment after another, the goal was to make Penang meatballs from the ground beef which had been thawing in the fridge since last weekend. I kept doing other things, like FB and Quicken and sorting laundry.

Finally got to the beef and it was spoiled, but I found a packet of mini meatballs in the fridge freezer, and a tub of Penang curry in the big freezer, and got to defrosting both. Eventually put the meatballs (which were maybe 2x the size of a BB) into a pot with the curry and lit the range on low. Set the timer for an hour and did some vacuuming. I told that story previously.

Pulled out some sourdough bread to pour the curried meatballs over, then imagined slapping myself upside the head and thinking, no, rice. And then another slap because Penang curry is made for roti, which I have several packages of in the freezer next to the bread.

So I cooked up three roti (aka parantha), and had a nice Malaysian lunch, followed by a few cubes of coconut-mango treats.

I tried to watch some TV, saw The Voice and was surprised how many mediocre voices they picked. The one they did not pick was so off key and so unaware of it... One woman gave the most mature yodeling version of Blue ever, all 4 judges wanted her but it was clear she was totally country, and chose Blake. She would have had more fun with Alicia.

3-ish I finally got off my butt and drove downtown, played a minimum of Ingress, walked to Starbucks which was packed but there were seats available. Sometimes it is less packed but people are spread out more and no seats are free. I ordered a soy mocha, and a banana nut bread. Cashier apparently hit the nut bread button twice, because I was charged double and she gave me two. Fine, I'll save the second one for lunch tomorrow. Barista knocked over my drink and spilled it all over her as she was putting on whipped cream, which I had not wanted, so I told her the good news is she could now make me one without (because why put cream on a soy drink?).

Home, tried to capture the one blue item on the map, but someone must have been in Philz countering my attack.

Too full for dinner, need to go to bed on time anyway. Took out the recyclables but there wasn't enough regular garbage to bother collecting. One of the perks of employment, and of recycling. Which reminds me, I need to figure out what to do with the lame-sucking Hoover.

My IRS refund arrived yesterday, so I did the math for my state & fed refunds, and since most of my credit card debt was from not having an income, I paid down about half of it, leaving myself about a week's take-home pay in the checking account. I can pay off the rest of it if I draw from what I put into savings when I thought I'd find a job quickly and owe taxes. That was a year ago. Kind of nervous about taking out of savings, especially to cover a no-interest credit card.

Plans for tomorrow:
Boss meeting at 9:30


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