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LJ tells me it is time to wish a happy birthday to two people I have not seen in a long time, I think they are acquainted with each other. One has found A Life™ and moved far away, the other I don't know about. cmdrsuzdal and rackstraw, pleasant natal tidings!

Last night I slept like a log, if logs snore. A pimple on my nose prevented the usual Breathe-Right strip application. Spook was being weird, spending some time on the floor where her bed used to be, and some time in her bed-on-bed, and waking me by crawling out of her BnB, stretching out near me, and meowing. 

I woke for real at 7:15, needing three ibuprofen, but instead pouring out two Tylenol migraines and then stumbling to the kitchen, discovering my Hgl was a low 70, and self-medicating with a Klondike bar and 15 minutes in the recliner.

Showered and dressed, checked in online briefly, slapped together stuff for my lunch cooler, grabbed a fresh bottle of water from the fridge to replace the one in the car which was in the recycle bin because inside it had turned the color of Peter Pan's skirt .

I was almost half an hour early, traffic was very cooperative except for the dump truck which cut me off only to discover he was in an exit-only lane he didn't want to be in. The gap this made after he got back into traffic allowed me to almost hit the speed limit before my exit.

Arrived half an hour early, there were bananas and HB eggs and Kind bars in the break room along with the usual Diet Coke.

It was raining in bursts, textbook case of a cold front, which we rarely see around here because all the water and hills and ocean and bay conspire to create occluded fronts most of the time. There was hail in places, though not in mine. Thunderheads, but no electrical storms. As a result of the wetness, Boss delayed her 9:30 with me to 11:30, which was closer to noon. She loved the spreadsheet I had built, it had some clues the automation engine ignored. We talked about a couple of questions I had, which turned into ammo for her to use with the partner to help pare the obscene number of tests down to something rational. Or at least reduce the number of needless steps in some of the tests. We also discovered we had parental things in common. Fortran for one.

And she likes that I am interested in how and why the tests work. Or don't. She brought me an Italian STB to test after I'm done with the current automations. So I spent the day continuing what I'd been doing.

Soon after I arrived this morning, a woman wandered in looking for a class she thought was in LMK1, my building. She looked at the invite again to see it was LMK2 across the street. Yes, blonde.

Lunch was turkey medallions in gravy & smashed potatoes from one of the makers of small frozen foods. And the banana nut bread from yesterday's Starbucks. And some thin mints. While reading the Tiber book. For the third time, the authors have turned the tables on the good guys, and they did such a thorough job of it I was tempted to stop reading. But now our heroes are plotting a way out, except the book is telegraphing yet another table turn, I think.

I read some more during my afternoon break. dots and dashes galore.

Left a little late so I could set up an 8-hour stress test. It's allegedly a manual test, but I suspect the manual part is at the end to make sure lip sync is still on target. But I won't be surprised if I come in tomorrow to a test rig waiting for me to push a button 12 minutes in.

Speaking of Target, that's where I went after work, I wanted stickers for the test laptop. The culture here is everyone gets a laptop which looks exactly like everyone else's, so people adorn them with stickers so they don't pick up someone else's by accident. Or because they are all children and have not outgrown stickers.

Most other places, the engineers collect toys and miniatures and decorate their cubicles with them, but here there are no cubicles or private spaces. It's sad.

Found stickers in kid's books, bought a Star Wars one and a Dinosaurs one. Also bought more frozen lunches, lactaid milk was on sale, and they had dark chocolate bunnies as well.

Forgot pillows. Mine are smelling bad (feather pillows) and no longer comfortable.

Home, put stuff away, had mini cheeseburgers for dinner (bought for 3 lunches) and my mouth required pickles, so I ate two spears because I had to. Watched a couple of Making of Sherlock items on Netflix. Did not realize big brother was one of the creators/writers. Coconut/mango treats for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Check the rat bait stations
Remember to put the water bottle in the car instead of leaving it on the counter
Pillow shopping?

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