Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Where Credit Is Due

Took a long time to get to sleep, but once there it stuck. Skipped the shower, didn't need it. Tomorrow I will.

On the road early, am getting used to 101 traffic, and it's the best route to work if it isn't raining. 101 is not designed to handle rain, water stays on the road, gets kicked up by every vehicle and visibility goes down while braking distance goes up. I'd rather stick to surface roads when that happens, because most of those are crowned and if water gathers, it does so on the edges. Coming home, 101 is a free for all leading to a parking lot, so I always take the side roads. There is one tree root to dodge and one flooded corner to skirt but that's all.

AG phoned when I had already harvested a banana and a diet cola and was checking the status of the 8-hour stress test. I had guessed correctly, it ran the full 8 hours and all I had to do was look to see the banner was green. Good thing I skipped the birthday party Sunday, it rained on and off and they kept moving between the back yard and indoors.

Google's Macbook would not let me install an audio program, after trying to get help from tech support, I ended up walking the 4 blocks to the big building and having Boss use her admin login. And then when I got back, there was another piece of software to do that with, but one trip a day is too many, and she was due to visit tomorrow morning anyway.

I re-ran some failed tests, updated my spreadsheet and then exported all the results from the test machine and copied Boss. And then plugged in the new Italian STB, upgraded it, and ran one test before it was time to go home. And Boss changed her visit to Thursday afternoon, because of dentalings.

Lunch was Asian Beef (Lean Cuisine), not bad, and thin mints. Reading Tiber, I was right, the good guys massively underestimated the bad guys, and lost the only chance they had. Next was an interlude where the person translating that story marries her BFF. She is the (grand?)daughter of the hero from the first part of the book, and she is now on board a starcraft heading for Tiber. Then comes the translation of the writings of a granddaughter of the good guy who wrote the first one. It starts by telling us there will be a happy ending. :-(

Afternoon break was eye candy heaven. A group of visitors was herded into the near classroom, a wide range of ages and split M/F fairly evenly. The last one in (she was late) was a petite Asian woman in vinyl pants and stilettos. There were many others worth a glance, a few in stretch pants. Some in jeans. One in a very short skirt.

Straight home, forgot I was planning on going to BB&B to buy a pillow. I had ordered a MyPillow on amazon, suggested by two similarly shaped friends, but at $50 I wasn't about to buy two, and I need a second one. Both feather pillows are poking me.

Quicken download included a rude awakening. My Chase Visa card, which was on an extended 0% interest rate, charged me 20% APR for last month. So when my social security check arrives next week, I will pay off the balance and have already replaced it in my wallet and amazon with my Discover card, which has the same cash-back but a lower APR. Their penalty for late payment "only" boosts the rate to 17%. It's about 13% otherwise.

The idea is to get back to a clean slate, and  pay off the card in full each month, which is what I had been doing before I was laid off.

Tomorrow I'll go through Quicken and see which auto pays are still on Chase and change them to Discover. Can't cancel the Chase card because after it is paid off I'll have a chunk of cash back to use on amazon.

Dinner was slaving over a hot stove again, fried up three roti, reheated the panang curry (with mini meatballs) and also finished a small container of marinated garlic-stuffed green olives. Dessert was the last of the small pan of agar treats. The curry was too salty so I diluted the leftovers and added more curry paste, and then saw all my curry paste expired last year. I'll buy packets next time instead of tubs. Need to visit the local Asian market for Pandan leaf anyway.

Watched the latest Elementary. They re-introduced a character who should never have left, and they did it with a series of WTFs.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try to remember to check the rat bait traps
BB&B pillow search

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