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No, I Can't Be Brief. This is a Journal...

Slept too well, woke up briefly at 6:30 when my late night reading and maybe the small glass of

inspired me to be late getting up. I made a conscious decision, and it almost worked out. On the road at 9:00, 9:06 I was at my exit. Huge bottleneck and it was 9:24 before I got to the parking lot. Yesterday that segment took less than 2 minutes.

About the port: Maybe a year ago, more, probably, I decided that there were too many reports that a glass of fortified wine at bedtime was a healthy thing to do. I am not a wine person, or any alcohol for that matter. I have no moral objection to it, and I appreciate it as a chemistry experiment, but wine in our family was associated with Passover, bitter herbs, horrible cracker-like objects laughingly referred to as "unleavened bread", and a command to enjoy one's self the way a king might. And as we all know, kings overeat and get drunk on Mogen David. There was no wine with dinner.

In college there was Mateus Rosé and Leibfraumilch, which I enjoyed somewhat, but mostly drank at parties. When I moved to California, winery tastings were free, and I spent several autumns driving up to Napa and Sonoma sampling the standard wines, but I was only impressed enough once to actually buy a bottle, it was Chateau St. Jean's version of Leibfraumilch, which they called Fumé Blanc. It took about a year to finish the bottle. I bought it in part because it was a brand new winery and I loved their park-like grounds.

I told you that to tell you this: My first taste of the Fonseca tawny port was good enough to not spit out. Which is what I had done with the other fortified wines I had tried for this experiment. And I'm sipping on one now.
Work was spent testing the Italian STB. Boss was WFH, pending dental hell.

Lunch was Lean Cuisine spaghetti & meatballs, vastly inferior to any other brand. Forgot to bring thin mints, so dessert was a couple of little tubs of allegedly chocolate pudding.

Lots of eye candy, the class let out for break early. Afternoon break was also well populated. Vinyl pants woman was in a very short pleated skirt, bare legs. No stretch pants today.

Since I arrived late I stayed till 6, confirming a bug in the screen saver app. BB&B to hunt for a pillow, George recommended a particular memory foam, but they don't have that brand, and the brands they did have were upwards of $100 per. Highway robbery. As is the entire sleep industry.

Speaking of which, Google is hosting a whole week next week of sleep-related lectures. I don't think contractors are invited. 

While in the store, I went online and found the pillow, $25 on Amazon. I walked around for a while, bought a Pyrex baking dish/plastic cover great for the agar treats, a metal thing for separating food from edges and it can also cut the agar, and a utensil to replace the one I used for flipping omelets which died a slow painful death on a burner that was not completely turned off.

Home, ordered the pillow. Dinner was beef pot pie while watching half of The Voice #4. Two people were chosen and given rave reviews by the judges whom I would not have turned around for.

Unloaded the dishwasher, put a box of thin mints and a bag of Famous Amos where they will get into the lunch pail in the morning.

Fired up Quicken, found all the things being billed to Chase and redirected them to Discover. It was only 5-6 items.

Janice sent me a link to the ACLU's new "People Power" site, their attempt to build a grass roots movement. I'm a bit cautious about this, because it's clear they brought on board a person with peccable credentials. They may have chosen him partly for his Islamic name and Middle Eastern coloration. He was a senior advisor to both Pelosi and Reid, and a researcher for Kerry's presidential campaign. I call that three strikes.

But I'll probably go to the local gathering Saturday, which ought to be more Bernie-fied than the HQ in DC.

Plans for tomorrow:
Boss meeting at 2
CHM lecture at 6:30

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