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Slow start, busy finish

Up with the alarm, Spook was in the BnB, and made the noise she makes when she wants me to know not to step on her. Not a meow. Kind of a mrrrp. She stayed there till I was in the shower, then she got up and sat in the bathroom doorway. After I was done in the bathroom she walked into the shower, and sat under the shower head. It had stopped dripping, but the floor was still wet, it didn't seem to bother her. She stared at me through the water droplets on the closed side of the glass doors. Weird cat is weird.

On the road early, did not pack a frozen lunch or a cold pack. I still had a PNB&J to finish. Did remember the HB egg, Famous Amos and some Thin Mints. Also threw in some string cheese and an opened pack of muenster.

No delay at the off-ramp, was at work 25 minutes early. Parked my stuff in the hole and then went to the break room an snagged a banana, an HB egg, a Kind bar and a granola crunch thing.

Nothing to do at work except write a summary of the STB testing and send it to Boss. Read the specs on a new TV which I am supposed to be testing.

Went to lunch early because Boss was supposed to visit at 2, but when I got back she postponed till 5. I did a lot of reading. Lunch was PNB&J, and the goodies mentioned above.

Boss showed up at about 5:15, she rode in on her personal bicycle (not one of the goofy Google 1-speeds). As usual, we talked for too long, but there was a lot to talk about. She installed the driver I needed for audio testing, and had me forward a couple of test results for her to ask the partner if they are a bug or a feature. Tomorrow will be a couple of quick audio tests and then a bunch of automated ones. She will be off-site at a partner company. She shared this with me:

I'd told her about my going to the CHM talk, so we wrapped up at 6pm and I was at the museum 6 minutes later.

Was early enough for a front row seat. The talk was by a former NASA engineer who is now a founder of a company which proposes to set up supply operations in space. The idea is to mine the asteroids, and sell the materials to other companies to build habitats in space and on asteroids. He said getting out of the earth's gravity well is the hard part, but once in microgravity and hard vacuum, habitats and transports don't have to be all that robust. His best line was "the sky is no longer the limit".

90 minute interview, 10 minutes of information.

Home by freeway, so I had 1/4 charge left on the car battery.

Delivered was a My Pillow, which was not at all impressive out of the package, but after 15 minutes in the dryer per the notice on the wrapper, it fluffed up.

Spook was playful tonight, as I was watching The Voice she tried to eat my Birkenstocks. They were on my feet.

Thinking of the frozen mac & cheese lunches, I figured those were better left for lunch, so I cut up the last of the turkey baloney, fried it a bit, then dumped it into a pot of boiling macaroni. Added some yellow cheese and that was dinner. Wish I still collected the sharp neon orange Kraft cheese powder.

Got all OCD and cleaned up/organized a cart in the kitchen near the piano room doorway which has seed packets, potting soil, planters and Swiffer stuff. Then vacuumed under it with the new machine.

Middle sister shared her ancestry.com login, and there was one tidbit from the DNA test which was news to me. It showed my Salinas cousin (his mother was my Dad's close cousin) and our mutual great-grandparents. The big surprise is, contrary to Dad's claims, his father's father had the same last name as me, not something in Russian. And that's as far back as Ancestry shows. It's a generation earlier than I had seen before.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe see a show

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