Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not A Great Start

Ocular migraine when the alarm went off. Hgl was 67. Medicated with 4 scoops of Thin Mint ice cream. It's not as potent as Klondike bars.

Fuzzy brain cannot remember if it was 6 this morning or last that Spook climbed onto my thigh and sat up, letting me pet her for many minutes. First time she has not freaked at me reaching behind her to pet her. If we had more of a connection, I would opine that she was sensing the insulin reaction. But we don't, so I won't.

Have to take it easy after a blood sugar plunge, so delayed starting for work till 9:15. Very smooth traffic, only ate 1/4 of battery power. Arrived before 9:30.

Made some videos and wrote some email to Boss, which bolstered her stand that many of the tests the partner she was visiting today have us doing do not actually test what they were designed for 10 years ago. There are so many variables to how well streaming media displays on a TV that what may have been designed, hypothetical example,  to test HD video quality may actually be testing your network connection speed, or how busy the servers happen to be. Or memory.

Most of today was spent reading while tests I had run individually were run in a batch.

No eye candy at all in the break room, typical for a Friday. Grabbed a banana and a diet Coke, they were out of everything else.

Lunch was Asian spicy beef from Lean Cuisine. It was okay. Thin mints for dessert.

Since I arrived late I stayed late making sure a massive batch of automated tests started running correctly. It took 4 tries.

On the road at 6:15, could have gotten home a couple of minutes sooner by taking 101 but didn't. I did make the short turn at IFH after some Asian guy in a brand new car with Duke alumni license plate frame around a hand-lettered Utah temp paper "plate" cut me off and jammed traffic in the next lane as well.

Delivered were the readers I bought on eBay, it took way too long to get here from WI. And a memory foam pillow, which smelled awful, until I got it out of the protective sleeve. The majority of the 1-star reviews complained about the smell, I bet those people didn't know to remove the sleeve and put the pillow in a pillowcase.

Got undressed and in bed, intending on taking a nap, but needed to look up some stuff on the tablet...

Two hours later steamed some ha gow and cha sui bow for dinner. Ice cream for dessert. Watched the end of the most recent  The Voice in which two people who didn't have much of one were chosen anyway.

Switched to CBS All Access and watched the first episode of The Good Fight. It moves along very rapidly, while treading over the same ground multiple times. Character relationships are exposed the hard way - scenes with dialog, not expectoration exposition. Very House of Cards in style.

Plans for tomorrow:
ACLU people power meeting
Maybe see a show

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