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Since I stayed up past 3 setting clocks, I slept till noon. That didn't keep Spook from climbing on me at some ungodly early hour.

Lots to do, everything seemed to have a catch. First stop was the PO, to drop off the passport stuff. Priority mail envelope already postage paid and ready to go, but the PO has removed the priority mail boxes, so after a thorough search to make sure, I dropped in in the regular slot in the wall. From there it was a short trip to the local park, where I was wanting to buy a season pass, but they were out. Put that on the list for next weekend.

Next stop was supposed to be the nearest open UPS drop-off, a Postal Annex several miles away, but it was closed. Plan B was Target, the closest one to where I had been, and was surprised to see the Postal Annex next door with a "now open Sundays" banner. So the memory foam pillow is on its way back to Amazon.

Target, three things on my list:
Pillow cases that are not microfiber or high thread count
Diet cola syrup

The pillow display was a mess. Few of the pillow racks had price tags, and those which did the tags did not match the pillows. I found one which I liked, but the scanner said it wasn't in the system. I put it in the cart to have the cashier check. Found pillow cases in the right color made from T-shirt cotton. And there was one diet cola syrup bottle left.

At the register, long long wait for a woman with about 25 small clothing items (baby socks, etc) and then a not-from-around-here man whose wife piled stuff on the belt and then strollered away with her baby. Man had no idea how to use the credit card swiper. He was using a card with a chip.

Finally time to check the pillow and it is not in the system. Cashier called a manager, who went to another register and did some keyboarding. Pillow went on sale today, half price, someone at Target Central dropped the ball.

I had planned to go from there to a nearby massage place, but only had 90 minutes to get to Mountain View to meet Janice, and would not have made it in time, so I went to MV an hour early, did some FB and read some Kindle. Along the way got some ATM cash.

 J & I compared notes on yesterday's ACLU thing, she went to the home of a rich woman in an upper crust neighborhood. They had the same lack of enthusiasm for regular meetings as my group. This was our last chat for a while, J is off to Chile on Tuesday for a week or three.

Home, used the facilities and then drove to the massage place. Interesting experience. Good legit massage, Chinese staff, they were offering a free table shower, but I declined. Maybe next time. Had those a few times in Thailand, they can be fun. But not what I was after today.

Back home, collected the garbage, there was a lot less than expected. The shredder needed to be emptied. Not a lot of recycles, but already in the bin were jugs from fabric softener, bleach and windshield washer fluid. Wheeled the bins out to the curb and then attacked the monumental task of reducing a pile of boxes to a flat bundle. The vacuum arrived in a thick outer box and a sturdy retail box. There was the big box for the MyPillow, one for a case of Famous Amos, the Jet.com box for the fabric softener, and two or three medium sized ones from other online purchases. Took less time than expected.

Somewhere in there I tossed the shirts back into the dryer for 15 minutes, then laid them out on the bed. Spook didn't help as much as usual.

Dinner was just a snack, small meat loaf frozen thing, four cubes of agar treat for dessert and some walnuts and honey. Chopped up some ginger and started brewing some ginger ale.

Interesting geographical trivia, after not being in the neighborhood of either Microsoft or Santa Clara Players for at least 3 months, I have been both places yesterday and again today.

Plans for tomorrow:
Boss sync planned at 9:30.

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