Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

i aM sO sLEEPY

Been sleepy all day. Stayed in bed way too long, Automation Guy phoned as I was heading for the shower, I should have been in traffic. The usual 9:15 dilemma, at 8:30 it takes 15 minutes to get to my exit and 2 minutes to get to the hole. At 9:15 it takes 5 minutes to get to my exit and 10 to get to the hole.

Each time I woke up last night, the time on the clock made no sense at all, considering how long (or short) I thought I'd been asleep.

At work, was plowing through a series of automated manual tests on that in-pieces prototype, when one of the product managers messaged me that Boss said I should come pick up an STB and bring it back to the hole to install some beta software and see if I could replicate an issue which could keep it from being certified for release. It was a lovely sunny day, warm but with a chilly breeze, and while I don't like to have to walk that far, the trail was pretty with water still in the creek (it'll dry up in a month or less).

And there were cherry trees blooming in the back yard

Got the unit, walked back to the hole, nothing I could do would let me connect it to the proto-board and to my Linux box. After much troubleshooting, discovered a poor connection on the board and another on the box, so swapped out the board for a standard TV and jiggled the box's connection until it worked. Wasted more than an hour on that.

The manager's hope was everything would work fine, and they could yell "ship it!". But in a matter of seconds I found two related bugs, and after a few minutes reproduced the reported error. Youtubed the videos to him (Youtube has a "secret" feature. All the things I post for work can only be seen by people I give the link to). By the time they uploaded, he was gone for the day.

Lunch was 2/3 of the Togo's pastrami sandwich. Forgot the tablet, had to make do with Kindle on the cell phone. It wasn't that bad.

Phoned my Baltimore sister, who is waiting for the snow to reach them. Shared some ancestry dot com insights. By the time we were done it was too late to hang out in the big building, so I drove straight home. Stopped off at Grocery Outlet which only had one case of Famous Amos, so I grabbed it. Also got eggs, muenster cheese by a not-recalled brand, cat treats, dishwasher packets (forgot the whetting agent), and two boxes of the original Kraft mac & cheese.

Home, unpacked stuff, tossed the mac in the trash and the boxes in the recycle bin, and stashed the cheese powder packets in with the muenster in the fridge. I hate the tiny mac noodles, have a bag of LARGE elbow mac in the kitchen cabinet.

Dinner was Asian chicken salad and diet Coke. Coconut popsicle for dessert. Watched one episode of The Voice and again was surprised by contestants who didn't have one but were chosen anyway. One who was not chosen deserved not to be, her voice was all over the place and she was dressed to maim, as if what she looked like made a difference.

All four turned around for a woman who took the J&JC Cash song Ring of Fire to places no song, even a country one, should ever be forced to go. Blake was her chosen coach, of course, even though she professed Gwen is her idol. Since Gwen and Blake are a couple (how the hell did that happen?) she will get both, in a way.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try to not be so sleepy
Lunch date with contract rep
Maybe hang out at the big building after work and play some Ingress.

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