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Deja Spook

Since I adopted Spook, when I noticed how much she liked sitting on window sills being Guardian of the Neighborhood, I opened a few windows around the house. Each window has a flange on each side which allows it to lock open about 2". That's enough for her to get a taste of the neighborhood, but not enough for her to do any serious damage to the screens or push through them and escape.

Since about September, it had been raining too often and too hard to keep them open, so she spent a lot less time on sills and a lot more time curled up on the futon and various cat beds and trees.

About a week ago the sun returned, and I re-opened the windows. Now she spends most of her sill-iness between the window and the blackout curtain in the bedroom. I can usually see her tail on the web cam.

This afternoon it clouded over and the temperature dropped a lot, but she still likes that window seat.
Slept like a log. Only woke up once, then the alarms took me by surprise.

Got up and at 'em, and was at work half an hour early. Phoned AG on my final approach, he was just getting into freeway traffic.  Had a lot to keep me busy. Around 10, Boss said I could go back to the testing I'd been diverted from yesterday, but around noon the guy who diverted me asked me to do some more. I waited till I reached the end of a series of tests before plugging his stuff back in.

Noon, I went to the Sports Page for lunch with my contract rep. She is always fun to chat with. And she is easy to look at as well. I was surprised that the place was nearly empty at 12:30, being in a prime location and a neighborhood icon for decades. 10 minutes of waiting for someone to come around to take our order explained a lot. The food was pretty good. Basic bar & grill fare. I guess Google's free food takes away most of their location advantage, and Microsoft down the block has its own subsidized cafeteria.

Back to work, Boss visited right in time to see a new bug on the unit. That makes three. Had a good informative chat, which included a nice surprise - there may be a unit from Thailand, with an on-screen Thai keyboard. So I drew her some Thai and explained the challenges that would face. Google Translate has one, but it's proprietary so the Thai manufacturer has to invent their own. I may or may not ever get to test one.

She had me put the buggy box aside and go back to TV testing. One of the engineers next door solved an issue I'd been seeing with audio. There was a setting hidden in a non-intuitive place.

It will probably take me till mid-Friday to run all the required tests.

Break at 4, the antidote for eye candy was in the break room. No classes or tour groups, but when I left the building what looked like an entire high school came walking down the street from the big buildings.

Made the mistake of not looking at the last test before running it, and got trapped into staying till 6 for it to finish. Once again too late to park in the big garage and fire up the laptop.

So home, this time I did take the freeway instead of the Moffett service road, so no IFH, but I went all the way to the Fair Oaks exit when I should have taken Mathilda. That added about a mile, I think. It eliminated all the stop lights, though.

Took to bed, finished the Aldrin book, which ends with a "there's a sequel" hook, but I'm not at all interested in the rest of that story. The book ends where I would have ended it, but I would have left off the hook.

Got up to make dinner. BBQ chicken nuggets, cream corn and Greek yogurt dressing for the nuggets. That didn't work well, the dressing tasted all wrong for the BBQ. The nuggets were Target's generic brand and they were awful. Another row of coconut/mango agar treats for dessert. One more left. I may try to do a better job with a small batch this weekend.

Watched the final The Voice blind auditions, and I'm now probably done with the show. Maybe I'll tune back in when they get to the finals. Maybe. The teasers were singularly uninspiring, they have the "coaches" in weird costumes and hair styles, the only special guest I'd ever heard of is Celine Dion, who has an okay voice but IMHO is not a good singer, she has had spectacular luck in the songs which have come her way. And she tends to end all her songs with a massive bout of screaming, which seems these days to pass for emotion. Or something.

Did some gardening. Need to do some more over the weekend.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try for the big garage/laptop interlude
Home, expecting some Amazon deliveries

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