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Defensive people are wordy people

At least on Facebook. I asked a simple question: "Did you, personally, change your vote because of anything Russia did or said?" And after the initial "no" there follows a paragraph or three of "but I know people who did" and a steaming pile of righteous indignation. The fact is, in this country we have a secret ballot, and a person can only be certain of one's own vote, with the rare exception of seeing a close friend or family member's mail-in ballot just before it is sealed and mailed. And even then, one only knows one's own heart, and why the vote was cast.

So far, nobody has admitted to me that the answer to the above question is "yes". Mine is "no".

If California allowed write-ins for President, I'd have written Bernie, but they don't. My vote is my secret.
Today I discovered some interesting family trivia. My closest UK cousin of the generation after mine and my only American grand nephew shared a birthday today. Grand nephew's grandpa's, a redhead, is tomorrow. And Buzz Aldrin's mother's maiden name is the same a my mother's maiden name.
Slept well again. Spook wanted to be petted at 7:15, I had just woken up. So I was out and at work early.
Lots to do. Many tests to re-run now that the audio setting is fixed.
Boss asked me about HDR video, I had to look it up. It's not related to HDR photography, except a little bit by accident some of the effects are the similar. HDR photography takes many different exposures of the same image and merges the best ones into one picture. HDR video adds a huge number of colors above and beyond the traditional 64 million, including a whiter white and a blacker black.  Unfortunately, the screen I was testing did not support that, so the HDR videos (there are several on Netflix, including Marco Polo) showed up dark and bland, except for ORANGE, which was blindingly brilliant. More on that later.

Lunch was leftovers from yesterday's lunch and 2 days ago's lunch.

This time I looked before running One Last Test™ and seeing it was a 1-hour project, left 5 minutes early. I parked in the garage, plugged the car in, and went upstairs with the laptop. But that only lasted 20 minutes because some idiot had decided that a noisy team of gofers needed to scrub down all the tables and chairs in the cafeteria. Kind of stupid to do this right before dinner when tomorrow and the weekend there is no dinner service.

My car was charged, so I left. But first I played Ingress. I blew away a heavily linked blue portal and filled it with my resonators, added two modfs  and linked it to another portal, and was I was doing that, someone else was taking it back for the blue team. This has happened to me before, and I think some coders at Google have set the portals on automatic, with an app to keep them blue.

Home, took the back road to the freeway to the IFH bypass. Huge traffic burst kept me pinned down for 5 minutes before I could get to the left-turn lane heading home.

Delivered from Amazon was a box of Breathe-Rights and a bottle of jet rinse. The bottle crushed the box a bit, but at least it didn't leak.

Fired up Quicken and dowloaded, and there was my social security payment and a refund for the foam pillow. Logged onto Chase and paid off my Visa card.

In the mail was an offer from Barclay for a Mastercard at about the same terms as my Discover card, except with a year of 0% interest, so I went online and applied. They lied about it being pre-approved. :-(

Dinner was Marie C herb roasted chicken. I need to do some frozen food shopping this weekend. Instead of finishing off the agar treats I had some thin mint ice cream with chopped pistachios and walnuts and honey. Ate while watching HDR video on my TV. Tried it first using Netflix on the NVidia Shield, but Netflix would only show 4K. But Netflix on the TV itself showed HDR. The two movies I watched at work look a lot different and mostly better on the home box. The colors are very different, the depth is just a hair sharper than 4k, and blues, greens, oranges, and reds have a lot of punch while browns/beige are more muted. I'll give Boss a report in the morning. 

I replied to Rep. Ro's town hall meeting invitation & entered it on my calendar, only to find it is in the middle of the first afternoon of Consonance, and about an hour round trip away. The Consonance web site still has the pre-March 1 rates and absolutely no program schedule information. The Facebook page has nothing posted since June, and that's just hotel rates and out of date registration rates. I was expecting better communications from my local filk con than the abysmal cone of silence Conflikt provided, but I guess not.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try to remember to wear Green. Maybe my Little Shop of Horrors T-shirt.
Maybe home. Maybe via Lowe's or Home Depot for something in which I can bag rose bush cuttings and put in compost bin #2.
I had planned to go to The Pear Theatre and see A View From The Bridge until their PR stills showed what a mess they have made of it.

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