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Slept like a log, only 2 trips to the loo. No Spook attack, she was on the piano room corner perch when my alarms went off. Usually listen to KNBR, sports radio in the morning but they are being idiots lately, or talking baseball or basketball, which is almost the same thing. No shower needed.

Freeway was easy because of a major crash several miles behind me. "only" took 7 minutes from the exit, would have been quicker but the nice weather has brought out all the bicyclers, who are under the impression crosswalks are for them.

Filed a bug I should have filed yesterday, Engineer next door knew the solution, but when he went to change the setting, it was disabled. So real bug, probably will keep this unit from being ok-ed for shipping.

Lunch was a pair of Lean Cuisine mac & cheese servings, which came back to bite me, because I didn't take any lactaid pills.

Afternoon break there was some odd eye candy. Japanese woman wearing a tiny hat. I may know her from sci-fi cons, where those are a thing. She looked familiar.

Warm sunny afternoon, I drove to Home Depot, got caught in lots of unexpected traffic. They did not have exactly what I was looking for in the way of bags or carts for tomorrow's relocation of compost material, but they did have those grabber things which Lowe's didn't, which will help with the rose cuttings. A rose has already bloomed from a branch I cut way back last week.

Home, email from Barclay's that my Mastercard was approved, but no details. I have to wait 10 days for the snailmail to find out the credit limit. If it's too low I'll close the account.

Delivered was 3 rolls of paper tape from U-haul. I am so glad they sell online because any trip to their stores takes an hour.

Did some research & experimenting, and sure enough, the new 4K receiver which drives my surround sound system and lets me control all my gadgets through one cable does not support the latest HDR format video. Minor bummer, because now that I've seen it, I'm not as thrilled with the improvements as Marketing wants me to be. 4k, OTOH, was a thrill similar to CDs over cassettes and BluRay over DVD over VHS. It's more like 384 MP3 over 128.

Dinner was dim sum & cream corn. And the last of the agar treats.

Trimmed the hanging plants in the kitchen, some were down to the floor.

Dumped all the loose shoes into a tall kitchen bag

Plans for tomorrow:
Chop the rose garden cover plants. Lee planted a few a year ago, they are now choking my roses.
Chop some of the Bee's Friend plants, they are choking a lot of the other things I planted. And they grow horizontally as much as vertically
Maybe harvest some mint
Maybe buy a Thai lime tree to replace the one which looks like it's dying.
Goodwill, drop off the shoes and, if they say yes, the vacuum cleaner
Fry's, buy an optical audio cable.
ATM, cash
Maybe get a massage, maybe do that Sunday
Change the litterbox cartridge

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