Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Got the important stuff done - some by geodipity

Went to sleep way late, slept way late. Spook was in the BnB at 10:30, but as soon as I got up she did too.

11 or so, Hgl was ~ 100, which is pretty good for that late.

First trip was to Goodwill, dropped off a lot of shoes and Glory Bee, they accepted the vacuum cleaner. Which meant no trip to the dump which meant no trip to the park to get a season pass.

But it meant going to the big Safeway, and buying all the frozen dinners, except they were out of the one I like most. Bizarre management - lots of aisles blocked by stockers who just parked their cart (sometimes it was flattened boxes) and left it. Noon on a Saturday, you don't do that. Almost missed the Lactaid ice cream, and the Ben & Jerry no-lactose Cherries Garcia because stock carts were in the way.

Next stop, Fry's. Took a while to find the Toslink cables, and the cretins they hire for stocking put the 3-foot cables on all four racks, I ended up re-doing the whole section just to find the 6-foot cables. They have 3, 6, 12 and 15 foot cables, and there were hooks with the right price labels for all of them. Grrr.
Also looked at receivers which can do HDR, and found an Onkyo, newer model from the one at work. There's also a newer Denon from the one I have at home which adds HDR.**

ATM, got cash for the massage which may happen tomorrow.

Home, put stuff away, got my wide brim hat, deerskin gloves and big trash bags out of the car. Put the clippings from the kitchen hanging vines in the bag, took the bag outside and dug out all the rose clippings and put them in the bag, then started pulling the plants which were choking the roses. Got 1/3 of the way through and the bag was full. Needed a rest too, so I sat in the rocker next to the roses, and let my pulse rate get normal before hauling the bag to the back by the compost bins, then getting another bag. Each 1/3 I took a break, when all was done I hauled the second bag back. Re-arranged the second bin, which was empty, so it was almost level, and dumped the contents of the two bags in it. Also added some Bees Friends clippings, and threw away the netting which had been protecting the front garden from birds last year.

Changed the litterbox cartridge. Considered washing the car, but the soap bottle was empty.

Grabbed the broom and cleaned up what little mess I'd made by the roses. And it's clear that one or two roses can be added to that plot.

So after half a container of Been & Jerry's fudge lactose-free, and some orange/cola soda I unplugged the car and went to Lowe's. They re-arranged their garden department, made it easier to walk among the citrus trees. No Thai limes. No standard rose packages either, just some huge buckets with thick branches cut back to a couple of inches. Those would do, but they didn't have colors I wanted. Home Depot's tree section is a mess, can't hardly walk let alone drive a cart through. No Thai limes, no roses at all except for those tiny ones.

Home empty-handed. Decided to call it a day. Too pooped to go anywhere.

Messed with the TV setup, connected the optical cable from the TV to the receiver, and stumbled onto the setting to be able to watch TV (including HDR Netflix) and use the surround sound from the receiver. Which meant re-programming the Logitech remote. It took three tries until I figured out the NVidia was set to take over the system (there's an HDMI "feature" for that - something I test at work).

Played with Netflix HDR while noshing on cold fried chicken, olives and creme corn. The two former items bought this afternoon, the latter a leftover. Finished the fudge brownie ice cream for dessert, with walnuts & honey on top.

Plans for tomorrow:
Cut back some of the Bees Friends to liberate some jasmine, garlic, yarrow and maybe lilacs. Depends on whether the lilacs recovered from their near death experience during the cold spell. Poppies are blooming, as are some of the BFs.

Lots of banging coming from #6 all afternoon. I think they are installing new carpeting. There are two envelopes in their park mail slot, since they have not been collected I'm assuming the people doing the banging are not the people moving in.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe cut back the BFs
Search for a lime tree - maybe Yamagami's, maybe S. SJ orchid store where I bought the last one.
Search for rose bushes. Grocery Outlet had some last week.
Whip up another batch of agar treats


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