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A better day

The bar was set really really low. Slept okay, woke up too often, though, Spook slept in the BnB, partly because a blast of wind and rain hit the open window she likes to sit in front of, so I closed it.

Raining, windy, not good freeway weather so I took the back roads all the way. Had to park in the garage and pick up a box from the 2nd floor. Did not see Boss, but it was before 9 so she wouldn't have been there.

Drove to the hole, put away the test gear for the TV I had been working on. Until they fix the showstopper bug there's no reason to keep testing.

Phone rang, it was a rep from the landlord-tenant mediation group. I explained the issues, and she said she would be happy to set up a mediation. I told her I worked so could not attend something, but would pass along the info to across the street neighbor.  Which I did, sort of. I printed it out and left it in the terra cotta duck on his patio table.

Took me a while to break down the prototype and put it aside, it would have been easier to use it as the TV for testing the STB, but that proto board is not ready for prime time.

Set up a known good TV instead.  Got all the easy stuff done on the new box, shared the spreadsheet with the guy who gave me the box and Boss with a note that most of the time-consuming tests are yet to go. 

Lunch was Swedish Meatballs, the area was pretty busy. There was a group of caterers staging one of the lecture rooms to be a mass cooking class. Some eye candy from that gang. Really cute petite woman with a mohawk. Somewhat destroyed by the 4 middle-aged Chinese men at the table next to mine using their outside voices.

Break was even more intense, the caterers had multiplied, but mostly with homely mom types. The entire lecture room was set with buffet tables, each table had a display of utensils, condiments and such. Beer and wine was sharing our soft drink cooler.

After work I locked up and went over there to use the much cleaner facilities, and the class was in full swing. People were inside the lecture room making food, outside the side door with a barbecue  and in the hallway with wine and beer. I told Mohawk Woman I liked her hair, took off my hat and she joined me saying that between the two of us we had a full head of hair. :-)

Home, the usual, except traffic on 101 was moving well so I took it the one exit and again had a 5 minute wait at the IFH. Must remember to go one more exit. Mailbox was empty. Very rare, that. The Tuesday annoying newsprint ad bundle had been delivered yesterday.

#6 had a bunch of pipes and wooden constructs out on the porch. The side door was open, they have a very nice budget chandelier.

Tonight's project was to repair the agar agar mess. It went like this:
1. Upended the contents into another pan
2. Melted some agar into a cup of water in a saucepan
3. Scooped the green sludge into the saucepan 
4. Got it to a boil, added a little more agar.
5. Let it cool a little then poured it into the original pan
6. Separated the clear from the white coconut layer
7. Melted the clear layer in the saucepan. Added more coconut water.
8. Repeated step 5
9. Washed off as much of the green from the white as possible
10. Repeated steps 7-8 but with the white agar and coconut milk added

It's in the fridge setting. Not very attractive because everything is a bit green, but if it tastes better than before I've won

Dinner was Marie C Beef pot pie. My last full-sized one. Last shopping trip somehow I bought two small ones.  Those can be lunches.

Wanted to watch Tivo, but my AV receiver wanted to install an update, and it failed. Three times. So I pulled the plug for 10 minutes, and then it only failed once before installing. But by then I had gotten out the tablet & Kindle app.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe plug in the car
On the way home, stop in at a gas station and pump up the tires. The low air light went on this morning, but I couldn't see anything wrong. Rotten Robbie's pump said they were all at 35, which is not all that low (later I found the tag - 38 is nominal).
Try the new improved agar treats.


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Mar. 22nd, 2017 07:22 pm (UTC)
I've gone through a process eliminating the coupons that fill up the mailbox. There's a website to stop them. However, the letter carriers don't check the addresses carefully, so now none of my neighbors get them either.
Mar. 23rd, 2017 01:46 am (UTC)
Unfortunately, it's not available for my neighborhood. I don't mind a once a week trip to my recycle bin as much as the daily trips to the shredder during political campaigns.
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