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Small World x 2

So that bug Boss had me file yesterday? I get email from one of my favorite NorCal Peace Corps alums saying she is the person who monitors bug reports for that app at Google, and she was excited to see my name, and suggested coffee. That would have worked if I was in the big buildings (she's in one of them) but I told her where The Hole is. She sent me a calendar invite for the end of the month- turns out she goes to a chiropractor service in my complex. One of Google FTE's many perks. So it's a date. She married a Thai, they have two girls.
Totally unrelated: Tawny port up my nose is now one of my least favorite things.
Sleep was erratic. I know I had a low Hgl at about 3 am but not low enough to visit the Klondike. Spook was in the BnB until about 6:30, when she tried to wake me. I was too lazy to get up till about 8.

A little bit late getting on the road, missed AG's call, called him back from the freeway, almost 9, he was nearing work as I pulled into the parking lot.

Routine day of testing, nothing blew up, just one minor non-issue, when I took the unit out of parental control, it confirmed that action in Latvian. Not as bad as some boxes from Europe, which don't go back to English by themselves.

Found a really well-produced but highly annoying Thai TV show on YouTube with a live studio audience, usually a whole high school class in their uniforms. Once in a while I understand the language jokes, of which there are many. The audience always laughs at the slapstick, of which there is too much.


Lunch was Safeway's Thai coconut chicken, agar treats for dessert. A lot of people parked in the room, and some drive-thru traffic too. Break time, as I was walking up the path to the hole, I looked back to check out some visitors, and tripped on a step & fell. Two to the engineers were right there to help me up. Sad but true, I needed the help.

Almost done with the Latvian box, will finish early tomorrow. Then I can do a component video test on a TV which has been waiting for a month for me to get a source for that. I now have two - Boss bought me a DVD and I brought in my old school Wii.

Parked in the garage, plugged in - it needed less than 1/2 a charge - and was surprised to find the cafeteria open, and the muscle department stacking all the chairs, which were arranged for a presentation. In about 10 minutes they had the tables back up and chairs set like it's a dining room. Amazing. And instead of the food lines opening at 6:30, they closed by 6.

I was able to update my laptop, and play some Ingress from my seat.

Home, back roads to 101, then freeways home.

In the mail was my new 0% Mastercard. I've set it up, the credit limit they set is not insulting, the card info is now downloaded to Quicken. I just need to make a chip-reader purchase to start using it.

Found a 35mm f/2 lens for the Nikon for $90. Some off brand. The reviews say that aside from the auto-focus being loud, it's as good as a Nikkor lens. I may buy one.

Plans for tomorrow:
Consonance? Probably not. There's only the sing-along and toast concert, 7:30-9. Then nothing before go-home time
They finally got the program on the web site. Tomorrow, if I'm up in time, I'll bring my baritones to the instrument petting zoo.

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