Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Money Matters

Wasted some time trying to find a hotel and flights to Helsinki Worldcon. Catch 22. Can't book a hotel till I know what dates my flights are, but the bundles on the travel sites want the hotel booked first.

The con is being held far from where the hotels are. Room blocks are already gone for the closest ones. OTOH it's easier to get flights from San Jose than expected, but pricey.

Giving up for now.
In other news, the official notice from the corporation which runs my mobile home park came, raising my rent in August. Only 3%, I expected 6%. And in the same mailbox, Social Security raised my dole by $10/month because I'm paying into it again. And the utilities bill was a little lower than last month.

Last night I must have rolled around a lot, in the morning Spook was shoehorned into the smaller-than-BnB platform atop the cat tree by the bed/window.

It was raining and oppressive in the morning, did not get much better all day. Work was a bit boring, all my assignments were done by lunchtime, I did some straightening up and ad hoc testing. Lunch was a small Marie C beef pot pie. Lots of traffic, including a group of young'uns being prepped for their job interviews.

No break today, work was a break. Watched two episodes of Netflix's Iron Fist. Lots of martial arts, lots of mediocre acting. Too much photography in the dark, exacerbated by poor HDR tagging. Way too many of the same flashback.

On the road at 5:30, lots of traffic, weather too nasty to justify the slog to the other side of 237 for Consonance for just a couple of hours. Tomorrow I'll spend the day. And Sunday as well. If I get going in time, I'll bring my Baritones to the petting zoo at 10. I may put my el cheapo uke up for auction.

My reading is down another notch, ordered +2.0 readers.

Stopped off at Grocery Outlet, spent $40 on things I had no immediate need of to inaugurate the new Mastercard.

Home, wasted more time on flights and hotels. Watched two more episodes of Iron Fist - they finally got to the punch line in episode 3.

Doing laundry.

Plans for tomorrow:

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