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Got up in time, brought my two baritone horns, nobody was there by 9:45 for a 10 am event. People wandered in for the next half hour. Lots of instruments.

Went to the Suttons' song-writing workshop, got some good ideas. But there will be no time to write anything in time for tomorrow's 11:30 am follow-up session.

I sang two of my songs during the 2-fers concert, they were well received.

Official consonance_con photo by johno. Used without permission.

Con suite was again sparsely provisioned, and designed as a bottleneck. It would have been nice if the whole 2-room suite could have been used. Would have been better to rent a reception room and comp the con suite hosts a standard room.

Enjoyed the concerts.

Walked across the street for dinner, was disappointed that my favorite Malaysian place is gone, and is now only signed in Chinese. Went to the 99 Ranch supermarket's deli café for dinner. Bought two fat bombs to go, then checked out the produce department and bought $17 of longans.

Back to the con for a short concert by someone whose voice was less than musical to my ears. Then the GoH concert, which had an all-star cast backing them.

Sat in on open filk, but they started ose and went more ose by the third song, so I left.

Lots of photos, but they need to be processed because the hotel's lighting is very odd.

Home, no mail, no deliveries. Put the baritones in the shed, hooked the camera to the computer and downloaded all the photos.

Plans for tomorrow:
Consonance by 11
Check to see if I won anything in the silent auction. I was high bidder on a pair of sapling pineapple plants & a container of dark chocolate malt balls, with an hour to go in the bidding.
Song writing workshop II @ 11:30
2-fers II @ 1
quadrivium's concert @ 2
Maybe hang around, but not interested in the rock jam or dead dog.
Maybe shop some more at 99 Ranch.
Maybe get a manicure
Home, process photos, put laundry away,

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