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InConsonance And Out

Stayed up way late last night, and since the con had nothing for me till 11:30 I slept in, and got there at 11:15.

Round 2 of the songwriting workshop started a little late, and the concom made the mistake of putting us in the room adjoining the concert hall during sound check. They apparently didn't re$erve the quieter room in which we had started. And then they scheduled the feedback session for the minute we were supposed to be done, which was stupid & rude. The con is far from over, save feedback for later.

The Suttons did the best they could with the horrible conditions, and I got some positive feedback on my paltry "hook" which is all I had to offer. One person offered a "pizza" song, as the Suttons call it. You can go out for pizza and come back, the song will still be in progress and you haven't missed much. Okay, it wasn't that long, but it would have been if there had been more time for her to work on it. All the feedback was constructive and encouraging. figmo had a song which she said she was not happy with, and since I wasn't conducting the workshop and those who were gave great feedback, I didn't chime in, but since she can read this, I'll say I think it was two songs, both of which worth pursuing. And I also refrained from pointing out that I know she has the skills to make her own blue gingham dress, for the happy ending she might have preferred. I think $DysfunctionalJob coulda/woulda/shoulda been its own dark dark song. IMHO. YMMV.

Next up was 2-fersII. Some good stuff. I forget what Taunya & Paul did, but remember enjoying it. Lynn's Buffet parody was a WIN. Kathleen did a take on a Frank Hayes number which she'd heard at Conflikt, When  I Was A Girl which told the story of Hidden Figures in a way which made me wince once again at the film's Hollywoodization of history. Nick did a couple of numbers which were mostly a nod to the also-LA-based Toastperson.

I had won one item in the auction, but there was nobody to take my $$ until after the Main Event™. That would be quadrivium and her super-band.  Here are some of them:

Paul Kwinn, Brenda Sutton, Betsy Tinney, Mary, Maya and Jeff Bohnhoff

They were also aided by a harmonica player whose name I did not catch, and Kristoff. They basically tore through the entire Scattering Seeds on the Pomegranate Tour CD [except the two sad ones]. Epic. She had been dressing very casual yesterday and today, but returned to her usual elegance at showtime in a gorgeous period coat (don't ask me which period) which, unfortunately, was mostly hidden by the keyboard and music stand.

Time for the encore, all they had left were the two sad songs, but they sang outside the box rather than "ose" us. Yay!

Many photos were taken. Most of the way through the final concert I realized two things:
1. My camera was still on standard time (but I have software to fix that in post-processing)
2. It would have been better to set White Balance for "fluorescent" and "Auto" (but I have software to fix that in post-processing, but I mostly didn't)

They are uploaded to Flickr. I'll add one or two and here's a link.

Song writing workshop notes

Interfilk GoH Leslie Hudson. Yes, I'm in love.

Kathy Mar in concert

Nothing else I wanted to stay for. Rock Jam and Dead Dog are not my thing. And I have too much food in the house to go grocery shopping even at 99 Ranch.

Home, plugged in the car, took out the recycles (didn't have enough standard garbage to take out). The BF's were leaning into the street so I staked a couple of them as Lou from across the road came over to ask if I wanted some fluorescent bulbs. He had just installed LEDs.

Printed the rent check and walked it to the office. The sign on the community hall has been changed to say "closed Sundays" but it was open and there was a group having some kind of loudly happy meeting in the cafeteria. AFAIK there has been no announcement about changed hours. Typical.

Impulse time, I started a big pot of chicken soup to simmer overnight. This time it's the low carb version, mostly chicken thighs and water, a parsnip, a carrot, three pre-peeled cloves of garlic, 1/4 of an onion because the rest was rotten, 1/8 cup of dried minced onion, a can of sweet peas, leaves from the basil, bay laurel and Thai lime trees, salt & pepper. Remembered chicken gizzards & hearts just in time.

Dinner was Safeway fried chicken & mixed veggies, chocolate cake for dessert.  While watching the latest Elementary which annoyingly is To Be Continued.

Did three loads of laundry in the last 2 days, they are all put away now. Spook thought I wanted to play, so now I have a small gash on the back of my right hand.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hopefully Boss will show up for our 9:30 sync. Otherwise will use messenger app to ask if it's okay for me to take a week's leave of absence in August for Worldcon. She's a gamer, she'll understand.

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