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It's almost over, but

Wishing a happy birthday to one of the few friends I met online before meeting in person, susandennis.

Slept soundly, after the usual trips to the bathroom, it was the lights going on which woke me for real.

When I walked into the kitchen to take drugs, I was met with a full chicken soup cauldron, so I spent about 15 minutes porting the soup into a bunch of containers. Two went into the fridge, 6 are in the freezer. Each is a full meal.

Despite that delay, I was out the door early, almost at work by the time AG phoned, and at my station in the hole with a banana and a HB egg from the break room across the street well before 9.

Made progress on the current test, Boss showed up for our sync in time to see the DVD player she bought for me forcing electrons through the colorful component cables to the breadboarded TV. She picked up some tested machines, and we talked about what's next. 

Lunch was a summer festival, I had to make my way through another gang of Japanese high school students with the same tall Asian guy leading them. As soon as they were out, a very loud and rowdy gang of American high school kids were set loose in the break room and allowed to grab drinks out of the cooler and treats out of the drawers. I made my way toward the microwave to guard my lunch.

Spaghetti & meatballs, to which I added cheddar and string cheese. Agar treats and thin mints for dessert. The insulin syringe which I'd loaded and put in  its case never made it into my lunchbox. :-(

I ran out of pens,  and have been using the less expensive vials and syringes for my high-intensity pre-meal insulin.

Back in the hole, more testing. Break time was also busy with tour groups. There is no security assigned to the complex, and with the company store and visitor center a lot of tourists come through, and they always want to ride the colorful Google bicycles. They tend to leave them in annoying places.

Timed it so an overnight test started running at 5:29, and it was an easy drive home on back roads. Faster than the freeways.

#6 next door is being totally ripped apart and rebuilt. The workers are being very sloppy about it. It looked like the new owners were there when I drove up, and they had a look of utter dismay. I suspect this will become a rental property. It's going to be a while before it can be occupied.

Chatted with Lee from #8, she watched me pull yet another of her invasive plants out of my rose garden. I told her yes, they had pretty flowers, but they were killing my roses, and pointed to one rose I had not seen in months. She gets it.

Dinner was one container of soup, with saltines. The last piece if chocolate cake for dessert. Watched NFL news on the Nvidia box after some American Pickers (I have no idea why I watch that).

In football news, I am pleased the Raiders are moving to Vegas. Plenty of die-hard LA and Oakland fans will find it easy to go to games there, though the tailgate parties will be catered, since most of them will fly in. There aren't enough football fans in Vegas to fill a stadium but more than enough casino visitors to make up the difference.

In political news, House Resolution 610 is this month's "everything old is new again on the Internet". It's that horrible bill to make school vouchers a thing. Nobody checks except me, it seems. That bill was introduced as soon as Trump took office, was sent to committee, and has not been acted on since. There are more than 1,000 newer bills in that committee, and 610 doesn't look like it will ever see the light of day. But all my friends are in a panic about it.

It's easy to look up a bill. http://www.congress.gov. Use it. Your tax dollars pay for it. Enter the bill number, click on it, and select "all actions" to see its history. The fewer actions, the less likely it will be voted on.

On the other hand, the Senate bill to allow ISPs to share/sell your data cleared the House 215-205 and is on  Trump's desk. He is going to sign it. Boo, Hiss. Congress doesn't care - their ISP is the government - so they have no secrets to sell.

Did some web searches, it looks like it would be easy to use one of my extra Helsinki days to hop a ship to Estonia and tour their ancient capital city. Not as easy to get to Stockholm, which is a 400 km boat ride away. It's not till August, I'll probably make my final decision the day of. Who knows, maybe I will find True Love™ at the con, and all bets will be off. I could say I went to HEL and back to find a mate. :-)

Plans for tomorrow:
Kaiser lab - bleed for them and maybe pee in a cup
Work - boss is WFH and dentisting, I may need to find my own work to do

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